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Amazing answer writing tips
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This lesson covers: Amazing answer writing tips.

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Roman Saini
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madam, Bhalkund is on Bina River at Rahat garh Sagar. Bina river is tributary of Beta river. pls correct.
Kajal mourya
2 years ago
yes you are right.. but it's depend on question.. because sometimes they give option of betwa river in the exam and you'll get the option of 'near sagar' in the question.
can u make fee below 10000
sir pls hindi language v use kr diya kro
sir , please extend the date of plus course of yours ...for mains answer writings
this is an advert and not a lesson. Sad to see the low quality
sir plz give list of topics which we must cover for mains.
Sachin Aazad
2 years ago
hi sanjna....if u r able to understand hindi...go through drishti ias website.......
  1. UPSC CSE 2018 mains Answer Writing Tips Roman Saini

  2. Less than / up to word limits Do not write more than the word limit Examiner does not like a potential Civil Servant who cannot express themselves succinctly Use

  3. No need for powerful flowery language If you know how to write great, do that But that will not increase the marks Key words and phrases are what is needed 150 words (10 marks) - 10 key words / phrases or 250 words (15 marks) 15 key words / phrases If you write 100% of these keywords-you are given 7-75/10

  4. No spelling mistake Avoid at all cost It reflects very poorly on a potential civil servant Grammatical error can be tolerated but spelling mistakes are not Marks will be deducted if you make too many of them

  5. Bullet points / Avoid Paragraph Except Essay Takes less words, fill more space Exactly what examiner wants Makes his life easy in reading and checking the copy - he / she makes your life easy by giving more marks

  6. Diagrams / Charts / Graphs Pipes Just throw them at least in 40-50% of questions Do it esp. When you are running out of time or do not know the 150 words to be written Usually creates an impression that you are well read Do not create WRONG diagrams at any cost

  7. Write answers to all the questions In my time, they asked 25 questions per paper (1 to 3) Now it is back to 20 Do not leave a single question Even if you do not know the answer, scribble something Instead of 0, you may get 2-3 marks

  8. Underline Use Pilot V7 to write and a different coloured pen to underline key words and phrases Only underline the stuff which you are 100% sure Do not and I repeat do not underline incorrect stuff You will look stupid