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Antelopes - I (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, we shall discuss about the concept of 'Antelope' and the features of antelopes.

Abhyudaya Kelkar
Completed B.Com from DAVV, Indore Cleared CS, CWA (CMA) and CA Final (Group I)

Unacademy user
great mam aapne culture ke importans topic's jyada tr kvr kr liye h mam koi trick bi bta dijiye jisse sb yad ho jaye
sir,m hindi medium student.I hv2prepare4upsc bt I hv no Idea4start preparation.m requesting u plz suggest me4it
Abhyudaya Kelkar
10 months ago
Medium ki koi samasya nhi hai. Unacademy par Hindika achcha material aur guidance mil jayega.
sir English language
Abhyudaya Kelkar
10 months ago
Actually I intentionally made these lessons in Hindi as I felt that this kind of material is not available in Hindi.
fast Pic Wala hiran
Abhyudaya Kelkar
10 months ago
Fast pic?
  1. Lesson 9.1.1 Antelope - By Abhyudaya Kelkar

  2. Which one is deer and which one is antelope ?

  3. Lesson 9.1.1 Antelope - By Abhyudaya Kelkar

  4. Which one is deer and which one is antelope ?

  5. Similarities? Appearance Hooved Mammals Ruminants

  6. Differences? Deer Antlers Family - Cervidae Antelope - Horn Family - Bovidae

  7. The Word 'Antelope' Three possible origins: Greek - Antholops, a mythical creature supposedly found in Mesopotamia Mythical Creature ?? IVC Unicorn Greek -Anthos ops (Flowerlike eyes) French - Antelop, adopted in English in 15h century.

  8. Ungulates Hooves and Cloven Hooves

  9. Even-toed and Odd-toed Ungulates Sub-orders Even-toed Ungulates Artiodactyla/ Cetartiodactyla Odd-toed Ungulates Perissodactyla

  10. Ungulates Ungulates Hoofed Animals Whale is also an ungulate according to the scientists!

  11. Family Taxonomic Family Biological Family Example: Cat Family - Domestic Cat, Tiger, Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, etc. - Felid(Felids) Dog Family - Domestic Dog/ Grey Wolf, Fox, Jackal, Dhole, etc. - Canid (Canids)

  12. Cow Family (Bovidae) - Bovids About 145 extant species 'About' _ Difference of opinion regarding taxonomic classification

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