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Answer for mains (hindi)
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Answer writing for mains

Abhishek Dass
Entrepreneur.Youtube channel: Study Labs. Working with H C Verma Sir. IIT kanpur. Writer. Traveller.

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gujrati sahity nr vyakran nu kaek kro ne sir
amazing lectures and very easy to understand
sir please continue course chapter wise
thnk u very very much .. plzz creat more chpptr hurry coz tym not much more .. thnk u :)
Thanks sir. Your way of teaching is superb. I will try to write this answers..
Abhishek Dass
2 years ago
thanks such comments really motivate us to work harder :)
This was very much helpful _/\_
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  3. GS II 2016 1 Discuss each adjective attached to the word Republic' in the Preamble'. Are they defendable in the present circumstances? 12

  4. INTRO The PREAMBLE is the soul of our Constitution. It starts with, WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREGIN, SECULAR, DEMOCRATIC, REPUBLIC...

  5. MIDDLE PART: Describe every word in 3-4 lines. Q5. Discuss each adjective attached to the word Republic' in the Preamble'. Are they defendable in the present circumstances? 122

  6. LAST PART: As per question demand on analysis of "defendability", balance approach and a positive touch is needed. Starting line: The preamble was drafted decades ago and the meanings that these terms attached to the Constitution have undergone a huge change

  7. LAST PART: Sovereign : India had to submit to WTO ruling over the policy of "domestic content requirements" in solar panels. International governance especially on environment and climate change dilutes soverei nty of individual. Multilateral institutions like IMF, WTO, MNCs etc. force the state to make policies to suit their interests 1

  8. LAST PART: Socialist: After LPG reform of 1991 production and distribution of good and services have gone in private hands. But still with government intervention (MGNREGA, National food security act; Rashtra Fasal Bima Yojana etc ) the welfare nature of economy has been kept intact.

  9. LAST PART: Democracy: There has been no Military coup in our history unlike our Neighbors which clearly show our strength of Democracy. Apart from Universal adult franchise, periodic election, rule of law, independent of judiciary; RTI, social audit etc. has increased the depth of democracy in Indian society.

  10. LAST PART: Secular : Secular fabric of the nation has been kept intact even in the time of turmoil, hatred, religious prosecutions neighboring regions. Recently SC has banned asking for votes in name of religion Last line: As these are not mere adjectives but the aspirations of our people and members of the constituent assembly also, hence they are defendable