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Angle Modulation (in Hindi)
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Introduction to Angle modulation and phase modulation

Charul Nigam
Gate Qualified ,Passionate teacher, an avid reader and a traveller with 6.5 years of Rich experience in teaching engineering subjects

Unacademy user
I'm a bit confused you said first INC woman president was madam Ganguly then 1st Indian woman president was Sarojini Naydu so how can Mrs. Annie Besant be the 1st woman prez of INC session?? Can anyone clear my doubt??
Manoj gangwar
2 years ago
annie besant was 1st women prez ,where as sarojni naidu was 1st INDIAN women prez
Manoj gangwar
2 years ago
ganguly..was nt 1st women prez..instd she was 1st women ,who adres session
Kuldeep Singh
2 years ago
he didn't say that Madam Ganguly was first INC woman president. Listen again.
1st Women President was Annie. And 2nd Women president was Sarojini Nadu also She was 1st Indian Women to became President. Annie besant was a foreigner.
4 months ago
Annie besant 1917 me phli Women bni or 1925 me sarojni naidu frist Indian women bni thi
Very much to the point
Charul Nigam
5 months ago
Thank you. Feel free to ask any questions