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Ancient History (Important 30 Questions) Part-4 (in Bengali)
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Ancient History(important 30 questions) part-4 (in bengali)

I have completed Masters in English in the year 2010 then I have completed Bachelor of education in 2012.Teaching is my hobby and I love it.

Unacademy user
sir I have a doubt. in some problems we are differentiating till we get 0 on right side and in some problems we are substituting the values of constants. how to find whether we have to proceed differentiating or whether to find the value of constants sir? please help me I am confused
Ashish Bajpai
7 months ago
we have to eliminate arbitrary constants wether we do by eliminating them by differentiating or from 1 equation we find their value and substitute into other equation , answer will be same , in some questions , just check number of arbitrary constants present that will be order it means you know beforehand how many time u need to differentiate , if it get eliminated during Differentiation then it's ok , that's easy way out if not then find value of constant and substitute in original equation to eliminate. just remember one point we need to eliminate arbitrary constant.
Srivathsan V
7 months ago
thanks you sir.