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American Revolution - 2 (in Hindi)
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Social and economic causes of American revolution

Ashish Malik is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ashish Malik
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sir i want to be an ias officer
sir ji jb eng me hi pdhana h to Hindi Kyo likhe
pls make lectures for whole world history
Ashish Malik
a year ago
surely... u will get enough on world history.. don't worry
great lectures thank you so much ☺
Ashish Malik
a year ago
thanks for the kind words... Ur welcome
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  2. World History For Mains Lecture- 2 (American Revolution) By- ASHISH MALIK

  3. Social Causes England used to deport convicts to America. c English Society(in 17th cent) - Rigid, Conservative by thought, privilege based system, Elitist. England always kept saying that she has settled America, so its her colony Americans initially didn't oppose the direct rule bv England

  4. Social Causes But things changed in 18th cent Where English society still remained the same, American society became liberal and progressive Americans claimed to be American direct rule of England First and hence opposed the R Emergence of Political, social & Ideological conflict. Development of American culture-cosmopolitan, open society R Society comprised of- Americans, Slaves from Africa, Natives(Red Indians)

  5. Economic Causes o From 17th to 18th cent- due to liberal & progressive society, Americans encouraged Materialism, Hard working- self made people. Development of trade and commerce also made them interdependent & their bond increased

  6. Cultural Development oR Ideological development- Renaissance oR Enlightenment - Liberal thoughts R By 1750s- Republicanism oR Issues of monarchy, corruption cR Role of Individuals