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American Revolution - 1 (in Hindi)
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American Revolution- political causes and development

Ashish Malik is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ashish Malik
Verified UPSC Educator@Unacademy Plus, Writer, Poet, Alignment Design engineer, Motivational speaker, YouTuber, Blogger, Counsellor

Unacademy user
Aap English ka jyda use kr rhe ho
Superb sir the way of your explanation is very good sir explain in English medium is also very well as i am watching Your video superb sir
sir ye course me ncert 9,10,11 joki world history pe he vo involved he kya ?
Ashish Malik
9 months ago
Not exactly.. Uske liye alag course aayega
prabhu ... u r great .. as instructed by u in todays class .. i came here in search of world history .. and i was so happy to see ..ur great effort .. thank u so much lord ...
Ashish Malik
a year ago
haha.. thanks for so much appreciation animesh..
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  2. World History For Mains Lecture-1 (American Revolution) By- ASHISH MALIK

  3. Background c Also called American Revolutionary War or U.S. War of naepehaence. Fought between kingdom of Great Britain and its 13 British colonies on North American Continent from 1776- 1783. cR 1607- Ist colony was setup by English @Jamestown (virginia) G 1732- 13th colony set up @Georgia.

  4. New Hampshire New York Massachusetts Pennsylvania Rhode Island Connecticut ew Jersey Delaware Virginia Maryland North Carolina South Carolina Georgia

  5. Causes of American Revolution. 3 oR Political Causes Socio-cultural Cause OR Economic Cause

  6. Political Development oR Governor, Military Chief- Appointed by England o Legislative & Executive - Local colonial govt. R But Americans demanded Homerule (Swaraj) R So, Conflict b/w Homerule Vs Imperialismm.