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Algebraic Operations on Complex Numbers (in Hindi)
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This lesson explains the algebraic operations of complex numbers namely addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, additive inverse, multiplicative inverse etc.

Vineet Loomba is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vineet Loomba
IITian | No. 1 Educator in IIT-JEE (Maths) | 2.6 Million Minutes Watch Time | 8+ Years Experience | Youtube: Maths Wallah |

Unacademy user
sir in first question why option 1 is wrong?
sir jee mains k liye kafi h na complex number apka
Vineet Loomba
3 months ago
Yes ..more than enough
sir is your content of maths is enough for jee mains
Vineet Loomba
3 months ago
Yes ..this yr one student scored 105/120 from this content
Abhishek anurag
3 months ago
thank u sir i too liked ur content and will be taking lessons in future too
Sir kaya bina coaching Kare bus online study aur tests ke saath ghar par acchi books padh kar iit jee Mai selection ho sakta hai kaya.
Vineet Loomba
5 months ago
Yes definitely
please upload more videos on complex number it is greatful for me ################
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