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Alexender Von Humboldt (in Hindi)
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A detail information about Father of Modern Geography. Alexander von Humboldt.

Abhishek Kumar Jha is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Abhishek Kumar Jha
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mam is tz enough for groups exms bcz I'm preparing for groups mam ur explanation is very comfortable to understand tq mam 😍😍
kohi whatsapp group ho to muze join kare 9637348453
thanks a lot sir ... it's really helpful.... sir settelment geography is my weak subject... please explain their topic's like Urban fringe , Rank-size rule etc... please sir upload some videos on these topics .....thank you sir..
Keep watching my lesson. I m creating lesson on those topic also. I will cover every important sections before the exam. don't worry. just keep learning.
Chandni Dubey
a year ago
Thanks a lot sir....I am really grateful..😇
1859 me carl ritter ki death hui thi or in the same year in 1859 the famous book An Origin of spices was published by darwin...
Deep Dhania
3 months ago
Deep Dhania
3 months ago
  1. GERMAN SCHOOL OF GEOGRAPHY Alexander von Humboldt Presented By Abhishek Kumar Jha

  2. ABOUT ME UPSC Aspirant. Research Scholar (Geography). JRF Awardee. Cleared UGC CBSE NET-JRF (5 Times). Cleared exam and given Interview for Assistant Professor of Haryana Public Service Commission- 2016. Graduate from Banaras Hindu University. Masters in Geography from Banaras Hindu University Pursuing Masters in Rural Development from Indira Gandhi National Open University. Active Quora user. Love to teaching and sharing Yuracdem

  3. TARGET AUDIENCE NTA- NET JRF Geography State SLET/SET State/Central Assistant Professor exams ADD A FOOTER

  4. Alexander von Humboldt Father of modern geography e Born- 1769 Berlin, Germany Died- 1859, Germany Humboldt's advocacy of long-term systematic geophysical measurement laid the foundation for modern Geography. Between 1799 and 1804, Humboldt travelled extensively 90000 KM in Latin America, exploring and describing it for the first time from a modern scientific point of view. His description of the journey was written up and published in an enormous set of volumes over 21 years. ADD A FOOTER 4

  5. Alexander von Humboldt Humboldt was one of the first person to propose that the lands bordering the Atlantic Ocean were once joined (South America and Africa in particular) o He was the first person to describe the phenomenon and cause of human-induced climate change, in 1800 and again in 1831, based on observations generated during his travels. He discovered the Oronoco and Amazon river basin during his south America expedition. He described positive relation between the rain and forest. . He discovered the cold ocean current named Peru current. It is also known as Humboldt cold current in honor of Humboldt. ADD A FOOTER

  6. Alexander von Humboldt Humboldt proposed first time to built the Panama canal to join the Pacific and Atlantic ocean Term 'Permafrost' coined by Humboldt to described the Siberian peri-glacier land. Humboldt coined the word "COSMOGRAPHY" (kosmos) and divided it into the Uranography and Geography. To study the geography he used these methodologies- Empirical methods. Systematic methods. Comparative methods. Cartographical methods. ADD A FOOTER

  7. Alexander von Humboldt Humboldt known as- Father of modern geography. Father of climatology. Humboldt contributed a lot to establish geography as a discipline. His book Kosmos published in 1845 and later translated in many languages. ADD A FOOTER

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