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Air Pollution (in Hindi)
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Pollution is of concern for whole world. In this particular lesson we are discussing about air pollution. What are primary & secondary pollutants. Sources & effect of pollution & much more. Thank You

Manisha Rani
Masters in Public Administration 4 years of teaching experience, Expert in Indian polity, Geography, Modern Indian History

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Hi, as per no we don't have PDF of lessons available. You can download the videos and watch it later.
  1. POLLUTION Air Pollution

  2. LESSON DETAIL ePollution/pollutants What is air pollution Primarv & Secondary Pollutants Sources of Air Pollution . Smog

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  4. WHAT IS POLLUTION An addition or excessive addition of certain material to the physical environment, making it less fit or unfit for life. Pollutants:- material/factors which cause adverse effect on the natural quality of any component of environment Indira Gandhi told the 1972 Stockholm Conference on the human environment that Poverty was the worst form of pollution

  5. WHAT IS AIR POLLUTION If the levels of gases, solids or liquids p resent in the atmosphere are high enough to harm human, organism or material Pollution could have natural causes. But our main concern are human activities. Much of the pollution caused by human is concentrated in thickly populated urban centres.

  6. POLLUTANTS Primary Air Pollutants Harmful chemical that are released directly from a source into the atmosphere It includes Secondary Air Pollutant They are produced from chemical reactions involving primary ollutants It includes:- Particulate matter Oxides of carbon, nitrogen & Sulphur dioxide Ozone e Sulphur trioxide o Hydrocarbons

  7. SOURCES OF AIR POLLUTION Burning of fossil fuels in Automobile, domestic cooking & heating VPower stations and industries Mining activities leading to dust as well as fires e Burning biofuels, tropical rainforests, waste of all kinds etc. . Natural emission from animals, decaying organic matter. Temporarv, but severe, air pollution can occur due to disaster. Even festivals can create pollution.

  8. ROLE OF AUTOMOBILES Automobile - one of the most desired items of consumption today. Increase air & Noise pollution Accelerate global warming,_taking a heavy toll of life through accidents Using up non-renewable resources Automobiles needs roads and highways, which have many adverse environmental effects They consume resources such as steel & Cement, which require heavy energy inputs Also, a major cause of smog.

  9. SMOG Condition of fog that had soot/smoke in it Photochemical smog - air pollution that is a result of the interaction of sunlight with certain chemicals in the atmosphere. It refers to hazy air Difficult breathing o It is a combination of various gases with water vapour and dust Its occurrence linked to - heavy traffic, high temperature & Calm winds.

  10. EFFECT OF SMOG Hampers visibility and harms the environment Respiratory problems Deaths relating to bronchial diseases .Decreases of natural vitamin D production - ricket