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Advanced Examples on Monotonicity (Part-2) (in Hindi)
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This lesson concludes the discussion on increasing decreasing functions with advanced examples

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Vineet Loomba
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i am mohit kumar ,studying in class 12, from ranchi ,jharkhand. your lessons are awesome. but sir plz add those lessons more frequently.
sir at 5:20 if we took logx + (x-1) then it would become increasing, so how to decide whether to take + or - between logx and (x-1)
hi sir, in Q of log(x-2) u solved domain of log (x-2) should not be discussed?
Vineet Loomba
7 days ago
that is inbuilt condition ..x is greater than 2 ...and both our options satisfy that part....
7 days ago
but sir one of the interval you have chosen is (minus infinity ,1) also but it is not satisfying .
at 5.02 b is the correct option?
2.56 ,,. 2 ke sath kyi kuch nahi kiya
Sir I am unable to understand question of JEE MAIN 2008 that how many real solutions does the equation X( to the power 7)+14X( to the power 5)+16X( to the power 3)+30X-560=0 have?? because sir answer of this question would be 7 as no.of roots are equal to the degree of the polynomial which is given as 7 but actually the answer is 1.HOW??
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