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Adjective - 4 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson I will teach some important rules of Adjective.

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Praveen Bharti
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Unacademy user Have uploaded the Previous year papers, E books ,Strategy and all the material I had . Please go make use of it for free.
Neha Sharma
3 years ago
Radhey baid sir have u uploaded any PDF about material all u preferred during ur preparation..if yes then share link pls..and from where u prepared 10k mcq I mean which websites ??
2 years ago
this link is not working

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  3. RULE 4 Junior, Senior, Inferior, Prefer, Preferable, elder ,Superior ,Anterior , Posterior , prior etc After these words we don't use than and we use 13 Preposition "to". Elder to VOlder + than

  4. 1. 2. 3. 4. She is junior than me Ram is senior to Shyam He is superior to me Roman is elder than Tatin

  5. RULE 5 1. Roman is my best friend. 2. Priyanka is the most beautiful girl in our college 3. Jatin is the best student in our college 4. This is his best dress.

  6. RULE 6 (SUPERFLUOUS) 1) 2) Face unlock is a more unique feature of this 3) Roman has done the most excellent piece of work phone I have never seen more complete book on history

  7. DON'T USE MORE OR MOST WITH GIVEN ADJECTIVES Entire Excellent Perfect Final Round Ideal - Chief - Complete Extreme . Flat etec - Unique Universal Supreme Absolute

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