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Abrasive Jet Machining Key Points, Formulas, Applications for GATE
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In this lesson you will learn about abrasive jet machining (Water Jet & Abrasive water jet machining), key points, formulas, assumption and application for GATE

Ujjwal Kumar Sen
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  1. Non-Traditional Machining Process Abrasive Jet Machiningl

  2. AJM is Consisting of Following Things- 1. Gas propulsion system 2. Abrasive feeder 3. Machining Chamber 4. AJM Nozzle 5. Abrasives

  3. Important Points of AJM 1. It use high speed stream of abrasive particles (100 to 300 m/s). 2. High Pressure (2 to 10 bar). 3. Abrasives generally used are Al2Os, SiC, glass powder etc 4. Abrasive size is 10- 50 um. 5. Nozzle life for tungsten carbide (WC) is 20 to 30 hours 6. For sapphire (Gem Stone) is 300 hours

  4. Water Jet Machining(WJM)- In this case a high force jet of water can be used for cutting plates and foils of soft materials, paint removal, pocket milling, peening, textile, leather industry etc. Abrasive Water Jet Machining(AWJM)- In this case high force jet of water with abrasives can be used cutting thick plates of steel, Al, Fibre reinforced plastics etc.

  5. Important Formulas- Assumptions- 1. Abrasive are spherical in shape and rigid. 2. Kinetic energy of particle is completely used to cut the material. 3. Brittle material are considered to fail due to brittle fracture and fracture of volume is considered to be hemispherical with diameter equal to chordal length of indentation. 4. For Ductile material volume of material removal is assumed to be equal to indentation volume due to particulate impact.

  6. Material Removal Rate (MRR)- Volume of material removed. (mass flow rate of abrasives/Mass of abrasive grit) volume of matene) re mev.d-2 da Dia meter o ahasi ve particle 3 ma Va va-ve lociti abrosive jet ^ti of wosk piece

  7. Application- 1. Machining brittle and heat sensitive materials like glass, quartz, sapphire, ceramics, etc 2. Used for drilling holes. 3. Cleaning and polishing of plastics/Teflon/Nylon components

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