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8th May 2019: Daily MCQs on Current Affairs for government exams (UPSC CSE/IAS exam)
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mam plz explain why O in H2SO4 is acccepting lone pair of eletrons from S, O has 4 electrons in 2p orbital why are you saying it has vacant orbital?
Megha Khandelwal
2 years ago
O is accepting a pair of electron to complete it's octet as per the Lewis dot structure rule. O has 4 electrons in p orbital so can accommodate 2 more electrons to make it 2p6.
Aman Bharti
a year ago
but oxygen don't have vacant orbital then where it accept electron ,should oxygen pair up electrons to make a orbital vacant??
Lakshmi Shajahan
2 months ago
after completing the octet, for further accommodation of electrons, vacant orbital is required. O is completing it's octet, it doesn't need vacant orbital for that, I suppose.
Lakshmi Shajahan
2 months ago
I'm talking of vacant d btw.
grizzled giant squirrel, an endangered species ..the hindu source
threatened species as iucn website
Raghuveer Jaybhaye
7 months ago
okk sir
can any one explain the line.....all rights of the people with in a national park have to be settled
sir, question num..(3) All options are correct. I have little doubt in option (A)
Kaiwalya Dani
7 months ago
no friend its correct.... sanctuaries are a smaller unit of conservation than national parks so can be either upgraded or merged with national parks and tiger reserves
in question number(10) , once member is elected only for 2 years....not 3 years..
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