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18th May 2019: Daily MCQs on Current Affairs for government exams (UPSC CSE/IAS exam)
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Roman Saini
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@subhodeep .. subhodeep, i hv one more request frm u if possible cud u upload ur Prelims Booster & Govt Schemes series as Video Lecs on Unacademy Channel on YouTube .. i find dos continuous lecs more comfortable to watch .. than discontinuity .. and internet in Delhi is not stable, to allow continuous streaming on Unacad ... so my suggestion is: ur Govt schemes series runs for 5.5 hrs .. this cud b broken down into 3 parts of 2-2-1.5 hr each and uploaded on Youtube .. wud b useful for revision .. and also there will be many aspirants out there who may not know if such a course exists/or may not even be familiar with Unacad .. bt most access YouTube .. and thus many will be able to access ur lectures .. hope i got my msg across .. if possible subhodeep, kindly do it ..wud b really-really helpful .. nd if and when it is uploaded, plz msg me here back .. so that i can know at the earliest and revise quickly before prelims .. ty :-)
Genghis Khan
2 years ago
subhodeep did u get my msg?? video lecs?? i'd b really glad if u can do dis subhodeep .. request u to take my request into consideration .. der r many such lecs of other courses by Unacad Educators .. like by Venkatesh Chaturvedi (Polity CC), Bhumika Saini, plenty others .. request u to kindly do the same .. VIDEO LECS for Schemes and Prelims Boosters ... i find des video lecs much more handy :-) i'm sure many else wud too
Subhodeep Das
2 years ago
Mam, regarding posting these videos to youtube channel, you have to consult the unacademy team for that, they can only repost the same thing in youtube channel.So better consult them7 Thank you. :)
Genghis Khan
2 years ago
cud u request them plz .. i think u wud b in better contact wid them than i am .. it's important .. plus it wud do ur course gud too, those who arent aware of unacad cud access it .. my opinion. plz let me know if sth cud b done in dis regard :-)
Sir, kindly check answer to Question no. 7 .. it is both are correct!!
hello sir... Thnx for all of this... But sir in hindu newspaper there has been a statement that 'As a result, even shy and critically endangered species like Pangolin and slender loris' but u r saying that both are endangered only... how?
7 months ago
CITES declared criticality endangered but not IUCN
Vikash Gupta
7 months ago
okkkk... thnx brother...
As per the Hindu , both 1 and 2 are correct in question number 7
sir chinese pangolin is critically endangered...
How i get pdf of this question
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