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500+Most important MCQ on Geography for WBCS Mains: Part 11 (in Bengali)
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Part 11: This lesson we will cover some information regarding - World's Largest /Longest Things in respect of Geography. This lesson is specially designed for WBCS Mains & other competitive examinations (in Bengali)

Mouli Roy is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Mouli Roy
Yutube Channel SAHOJPATH. Advocate. B.A.LL.B. Cleared All India Bar Council Exam. MBA pursuing Faculty of Law, UPSC, WBPSC.

Unacademy user
Suyash Goyal
10 months ago
Thanks Sakshi..
Sakshi Chauhan
10 months ago
Inverse trigonometry, vector 3D and probability p course h..??? Apka
highest waterfall in the world victoria I right?
Dollar Shaikh
a year ago
Angel Venezuela 3230ft , Victoria is the largest waterfall
  1. 500, Most important MCQ on Geography For WBCS MAINS Part -11 Presented by MOULI ROY

  2. GEOGRAPHY Some Information about world's Longest/longest/deepest/tallest things

  3. 31. Deepest Lake Lake Baikal

  4. 32. Highest Waterfall Angel Falls

  5. 33. Driest place Atacama Desert

  6. 34. Hottest temperature Death Valley

  7. 35. Deepest cave Krubera Cave

  8. 36. Coldest temperature Vostok Station, Antarctica

  9. 37 Deepest Ice Bentley Sub glacial Trench

  10. 38. Highest Road Aucanquilcha mining road

  11. 39. Highest Lake Lake Titicaca

  12. 40. Most remote island Bouvet Island

  13. 42. Largest River The Amazon, South America, basin of 2,500,000 square miles

  14. 45. Largest Freshwater Lake Lake Superior, US-Canada, 31,820 square miles

  15. 47, Lowest Point on land The Dead Sea, Israel-Jordan, water surface 1,349 feet below sea level

  16. 48. Largest museum American Museum of Natural History.

  17. 49.The largest cin ma Fox th tre, Detroit, USA.

  18. 50. Largest airport King Khalid International Airport, Saudi Arabia.