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5. Barriers in Communication (in Hindi)
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5. Barriers in Communication (Hindi)

Ca Anubhav Jain
I am "Chartered Accountant" by Profession. Join the Journey filled with hard work and joy ! "Stay Strong Stay Long" ✌

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Sir but as per Indian economy by Ramesh Singh 1.export segment of the economy benefits due to inflation 2.inflation makes trade balance favourable
Robins Kumar
2 years ago
Please clarify
Chaitanya Garg
2 years ago
Since, the value of money decreases with increase in inflation. The same amount of export will now fetch more money as it uses to earn during earlier times because as compared to foreign currency Indian currency is weaker. While profit earned by exporter will remain same or it will decrease. A weaker domestic currency stimulates exports and makes imports more expensive. Conversely, a strong domestic currency hampers exports and makes imports cheaper. So, 1st point seems right but in 2nd point trade balance seems to be affected.
Sir please make a video for ca foundation students to complete their syllabus along with the revision in 4 months subject wise.......I will really be highly indebted to you for your this act of kindness and support
sir more videos related to foundation
Ca Anubhav Jain
9 months ago
Please check my profile. I have prepared lectures on Fundamentals of Accounting for foundation. :)
itsm video for ipcc
Ca Anubhav Jain
9 months ago
ok i will consider this for my coming lectures. Keep watching :)
  1. Communication CA Foundation

  2. Barriers In Communication There are multiple barriers in the communication process. These barrier result in distortion and misunderstanding of the intended communiqu . The barriers can be physical, psychological, emotional, cultural. 1) Physical barriers: These are a result of our surroundings. Noise, technical disturbances, outdated equipment, distant locations, office doors. 2) organizational structure barriers: Communication problems occur when the systems, structures and processes in the organization are not clear or have gaps in them

  3. Barriers In Communication Language barriers: Language can create many obstacles in communication. Literally, people from different regions and countries may interpret the same words differently. 3. 4. Cultural barriers: Understanding cultural aspects of communication refe to having knowledge of different cultures in order to communi ate effectively with cross culture people. Emotional barriers: One of the chief barriers to open and freev communications is the emotional barrier. 5. Attitude barriers- Personal attitudes of employees can aect communica within the organization. 6.

  4. Barriers In Communication 7. Perception Barriers- Each one of us perceives the world differently and this causes problems in communicating. 8. Physiological barriers-Ill health, poor eyesight, hearing difficulties or any other physiological problems can be hurdles in effective interactio others. 9. Technology barriers-In today's world, communication modes are prisarily technology driven. 10. Gender barriers- Men and women communicate differen he reason for this lies in the wiring of a man's and woman's brains