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4. Network and Characteristics of Effective Communication (in Hindi)
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Characterstics of effective Communcation

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  1. Communication CA Foundation

  2. Network In Communication A communication network refers to the method and pattern used by members of an organization to pass on information to other employees in th organization o Vertical Network: o Circuit Network: o Chain Network: o Wheel & Spoke Network: o Star Network:

  3. Characteristics of Effective Communication Communication for humans is akin to breathing. Several aspects must keep in mind while interacting with others for our communication to convey the intended message 1. Clear: Any spoken or written communication should state the purpose of message clearly. 2. Concise: Brevity is the essence of business communication. 3. Concrete: The content of your communiqu should be ta bl ase it on facts and figures.

  4. Characteristics of Effective Communication 4. Coherent: Coherence in writing and speech refers to the logical bridge between words, sentences, and paragraphs. Complete: A complete communication conveys all facts information required by the recipient. 5. Courteous: Courtesy implies that the sender is polite, considerate, respectful, open and honest with the receiver. 6. 7. Listening for Understanding: We are bombarded by noise in all our waking hours. We 'hear' conversations, news, g many other forms of speech all the time. sound

  5. Characteristics of Effective Communication Focus and Attention: Everyday work environment has multiple activities going on simultaneously. 8. 9. Emotional Awareness and Control "Human behavior is not under the sole control of emotion or deliberation but results from the interaction of these two processes," Loewenstein said