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2nd January,2019(Part-1):The Hindu News Analysis
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Amit Baghel
UPSC 2018 mains; Doing 'The Hindu Newspaper Analysis' since June,2017. YouTube- Gurukul Prime.

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nice explanation....
Thank you : )
Ngt allotted 2000 cr for 5 years to clean ganges by 2022. but not even single step is taken to clean ganga by govt , it is wasting of money said ngt around 86 drains pollute ganges. out of 86 , 30 storms directly flow in to ganges. according to Central board of control pollution 800 million litres of sewage mixing in ganges and pollute ganges and it's tributaries haridwar and Kanpur. ngt hear PIL filed in 1985 , transformed in supreme court, day by day process on Feb 6 there is no need for punitive measures to clean ganges. people came to worship there. if a govt take serious steps it is possible to clean ganges and be clean in future like tirupathi govindarajan temple in andrapradesh
Committee on Government Assurances Ls- 15 members, no minister can be a member. RajyaSabha- 10. To look into whether the assurances on the floor of the house by any minister has been acted upon or not!
there is no limit for re-issuing but as per ruling of SC it cannot be promulgated endlessly without getting it to vote in the parliament or legislature
Amit Baghel
9 months ago
Good :)
there is no limit for re- issued but as per supreme court rules it could be re promulgated endlessly without getting in to vote of parliament or legislature
Amit Baghel
9 months ago
Very good :)
respected sir, please upload hindu news analysis
Amit Baghel
9 months ago
Doing it daily :)

  2. ABOUT ME Computer Science Graduate from JIIT Noida Worked in Microsoft, Ericsson & other Startups UPSC 2018 Mains Expertise in daily news analysis of The Hindu Newspaper for UPSC students[ doing it since last 2 years]

  3. 2ND JANUARY 2018 SL. NO. News Articles THE HINDU PAGE NO 1 Modi rules out ordinance on Ram temple 1 for now India, Pak. move towards release of civilian prisoners Parliamentary committee irked by States' insensitivity to Western Ghats Cinereous vulture seen in Jharkhand 2 3 4 4 5 6 Ganga water quality has improved, govt tells RS U.S., Israel officially quit UNESCO 7 12

  4. Practice Questions for mains Recently the National Green Tribunal pulled up the government for "tardy progress" on the Clean Ganga Mission. Evaluate whether there is a need for a law heavy on punitive measures to clean the Ganga. (250 words

  5. Page1:Modi rules out ordinance on Ram temple for now [GS2] .An ordinance is an executive order issued by the President of India that holds the same force and effect as an Act passed by the Parliament. The President has the power to issue ordinances under Article 123 of the Constitution .In reality, it is the Union cabinet that forwards proposals for issuing ordinances to the Why is an Ordinance Promulgated or Need for Ordinance? . If at any time, except when both Houses of Parliament are in session, the President is satisfied that circumstances exist which render it necessary for him to take immediate require.

  6. What is the Validity of an Ordinance? ordinance, once issued is valid for si of Parliament starts. During this period, Parliament can either pass the ordinance turning it into an Act or disapprove the ordinance SIX Weeks from the date W he e next sesSI .If the ordinance is not passed by Parliament, it can be re-promulgated or re-issued by the President (meaning government) ow is an Ordinance Turned into Act of Parliament . An ordinance is only a temporary executive measure . It cannot replace the power and function of Parliamentary process and has to be introduced as a bill in the Parliament for its consideration. . Once both houses of Parliament pass the bill, it turns into an Act

  7. Page1:India, Pak. move towards release of civilian prisoners [GS2] India and Pakistan exchanged through diplomatic channels the lists of civilian prisoners and fishermen in their custody in keeping with the provisions of the 2008 Agreement under which such lists are exchange on 1st January and 1st July every year. . The two countries also e covered under the Agreement on the Prohibition of Attack against Nuclear installations between India and Pakistan. The Agreement, which was signed on 31 December 1988 and entered into force on 27 January 1991 provides hat the two countries to inform each other of nuclear installations and facilities to be covered under the Agreement on the first of January of every calendar year.

  8. Page4:Parliamentary committee irked by States' insensitivity to Western Ghats [GS3] According to the Committee on Government Assurances in the Rajya Sabha, Over 56,000 square kilometres of ecologically sensitive areas (ESA) in the Western_Ghats_could not be earmarked as 'no-go' zones due to State governments' 'insensitivity'. .The panel has urged the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change to constitutea committee to address the issues and grievances of local people. The recent monsoon floods in Kerala and parts of Karnataka should serve as alarm bells for the administrations in the States of Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, which have failed to mark ESA in the Western Ghats. The panel had examined issues regarding the categorisation of the Western Ghats as ESA as per the recommendations of two committees led by Madhav Gadgil and K. Kasturirangan. The_committee is of the view that implementation of the_ recommendations of the Kasturirangan report is only possible with active support of local population. It also requires consultation with the State government at micro level to achieve the objectives of saving the Western Ghats,

  9. Gadgil Commission . The Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel WGEEP), also known as the Gadgil Commissiorn after its chairman Madhav Gadgil, was an environmental research commission appointed by the Ministry of Environment and Forests of India. . The commission submitted the report to the Government of India on 31 August 2011. . The panel recommended a National-levelauthority., Western_Ghats Ecology_ Authority WGEA) The Gadgil Committee report was criticised for being too environment-friendly [64 under ESA Kasturirangan Commission The Kasturirangan committee report has sought to balance the two_concerns of development and environment protection, by watering down the environmental regulation regime proposed by the Western Ghats Ecology Experts Panel's Gadgil report in 2012.

  10. . The Kasturirangan report seeks to bring lust 37% of the Western Ghats under the Ecologically Sensitive Area (ESA) zones-down from the 64% suggested by the Gadgil report. Eco Sensitive Zones . Eco-Sensitive Zones (ESZs) or Ecologically Fragile Areas (EFAs) are areas notified by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC), Government of India around Protected Areas, National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries . The purpose of declaring ESZs is to create some kind of -shock absorbers to the protected areas by regulating and managing the activities around such areas . They also act as a transition zone from areas of high protection t o areas involving lesser protection No-Go Zone An area where there is_strict_prohibition for high polluting human activities like mining, quarrying, big constructions, thermal power pants and certain types of industries

  11. Page7:Ganga water quality has improved, govt. tells RS [Prelims;GS3] . The water quality of the Ganga in 2018 has "improved over last year", according to a written statement in the Rajya Sabha by junior Water Resources Minister Satyapal Singh. The statement said "dissolved oxygen" levels had improved at 39 locations, and "biological oxygen demand" (BOD) levels and faecal coliform had decreased at 42 and 47 locations respectively. The government said 5,100 crore, of the R20,000 crore allotted to clean the Ganga, had been spent under the Namami Gange Programme from 2014-15 to 2018-19. . More than half the funds had been directed towards making new sewage treatment plants (STP) and effluent treatment plants (ETPl as well as making sub-par plants work better.

  12. World Page 12:U.S., Israel officially quit UNESCO[GS2] . The withdrawal is mainly procedural yet serves a new blow to UNESCO, co-founded by the US after World War ll to foster peace The withdrawals will not greatly affect UNESCO financially, since it has been dealing with a funding slash ever since 2011 when both Israel and the US stopped paying dues after Palestine was voted in as a member state. Since then officials estimate that the US - which accounted for around 22 percent of the total budget - has accrued $600m in unpaid dues, which was one of the reasons for President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw. Israel owes an estimated $10m. UNESCO is best known for its work to preserve heritage, including maintaining a list of romote education in devel Background UNESCO is the first UN agency to have admitted Palestine as a full member in 2011. As required by law, the U.S. has stopped funding UNESCO since then.