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25 Days Strategy for Preparing Reasoning
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It is a very important course to tackle with all your doubts.Question distribution is done effectively topic wise .

Barkha Agrawal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Barkha Agrawal
#Educator & category expert at Unacademy# I am a freelance and an international educator and have been into online teaching for 4+ years.I

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Good mobile me bna sakte h kya bhaiya
you don't give strategy to prepare, you give strategy to attempt the examination. So dissappointed with your this series.
great..your lessons are awsome...mam please make more videos....
Please do the same for Phase 2. Thanks in Advance. :))
  1. 2 BANK RBI-Grade B Officer

  2. ABOUT ME NAME: BARKHA AGRAWAL . B.Sc. in STATISTICS Follow me on Unacademy. . Please rate, review and share.

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  4. Reasoning Ability Syllabus: -Puzzles -Sitting Arrangement -Direction Sense Blood Relation Syllogism - Order And Ranking

  5. Syllabus (contd.) -Coding-Decoding Machine Input-Output - I Inequalities -Alpha-Numeric-Symbol Series -Data sufficiency Logical Reasoning (Passage Inference, Statement and Assumption, Conclusion, Argument)

  6. Distribution of Questions Questions Asked Question Type Topic Inequalities Coding-Decoding Mathematical Inequalities Fictitious Language, Analogy type, Letter Number & Symbol Shifting Direct questions, possibility based questions, Finding out statements from the given conclusion, negative information based questions. Word and number arrangement, alphabetical arrangement. Ordering & Ranking, Blood Relations, Coding 2-6 Syllogism 5-7 Machine Input Output Data Sufficiency Scheduling 5-6 5-6

  7. Distribution of Questions Topic Question Type Uni-directional & Bi-directional problems on circular, square, rectangular, hexagonal tables. Questions Asked Circular Arrangement 5-10 Linear Arrangement Puzzles 5-6 15-20 Floor, Double Line-up Puzzle Word and number arrangement, alphabetical arrangement. Order and Ranking 2-3 Arrangement 0-5 Blood Relation 1-3 Direction and Distance 1-3

  8. Puzzles to be attempted in first round .Floor Puzzle (8 Floors and 2 Variables) Circular Puzzles (2 variables) Days Puzzles . Ranking Puzzles Linear Arrangement (one line, people facing North or South) (facing each other, 1 variable/ 2 variables)

  9. Puzzles to be attempted in Second ound . Floor Puzzle (more than 8 Floors/3 Variables) Circular Puzzles with Blood Relations Linear Arrangement (people in two rows/ 2 variables)

  10. Reasoning Section carries 60 marks. Verbal Reasoning, Puzzles & Arrangements carry maximum weightage. Questions will surely come from: Scheduling, Machine Input-Output and Syllogism

  11. Last Four Week Study Plan Week 4 Practice Questions from all topics Attempt as many MOCK TESTS as you can and Analyse them. PRACTICE PUZZLES DAILY!!!