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25 Days Strategy for Preparing Maths
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It is a very important course to tackle with all your doubts.Question distribution is done effectively topic wise .

Barkha Agrawal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Barkha Agrawal
#Educator & category expert at Unacademy# I am a freelance and an international educator and have been into online teaching for 4+ years.I

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thank you so much sir 😭😭😭😭 you are best
Manish Kumar
5 months ago
Ur welcome
barkha madam, as you promised in the video to provide the study material of G.K., we are waiting for the same. plz upload.
please make videos on phase II also.. thank u
Where we will get this fraction values in the form of PDF
No video for GK ?
I guess the videos for GK and Quant are reversed. Could you please check? By the way, great content.
  1. 2 BANK RBI-Grade B Officer

  2. ABOUT ME NAME: BARKHA AGRAWAL . B.Sc. in STATISTICS Follow me on Unacademy. . Please rate, review and share.

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  4. Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus: -Data Interpretation (Bar Graph, Line Chart, Tabular, Caselet, Radar/ Web, Pie Chart) Quadratic Inequalities Number Series -Approximation and Simplification -Data Sufficiency

  5. Miscellaneous Arithmetie Problems us Arithie Problems -HCF and LCM, Profit & Loss -SI & CI, Probability Problems on Ages, Work and Time, Speed Time and Distance, Partnership Mensuration, Probability and Combination -Average and Ration & Proportion Problems on Boats and Streams, on Trains -Mixture and Allegation, Pipes and Cisterns

  6. Distribution of Questions Topic Number Series Data Interpretation Questions Asked Question Type Line Graphs, Bar Graphs, Pie Charts, Tabular graph, Mix of any two type of DI, Missing Case DI, Caselets. Direct questions, possibility based questions, Finding out statements from the given conclusion, negative information based questions. based on Number System, Averages, Percentages, Ratio & Proportion, Profit & Loss, Simple & Compound Interest, Time Speed & Distance, Time & Work, Problems on Age, Mensuration, Mixtures & Alligations. 10-15 graph, Mix of any two type of D), Mising Case Miscellaneous Questions 10 Data Sufficiency 0-5

  7. Quantitative Aptitude Section carries 30 marks. . Data Interpretation Questions carry the highest PREREQUISITES: Learn Tables from 12-20, 24, 36 Fraction Values up to 1/30 1-35 squares 1-20 Cubes

  8. Last Four Week Study Plan Week 1 - Mensuration & Geometry - Number System - Mixture & Allegations Problems on Ages PRACTICE DI QUESTIONS DAILY!!!

  9. Last Four Week Study Plan Week 2 - Profit & Loss - Simple & Compound Interest - Time & Work -Average & Percentage PRACTICE DI QUESTIONS DAILY!!!

  10. Last Four Week Study Plan Week 3 - Permutation & Combination Speed, Distance & Time - Number Series - Ratio & Proportion PRACTICE DI QUESTIONS DAILY!!!