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241-250: MCQs for General Science for Govt. Exams (UPSC and SSC)
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In this lesson, Dr. Roman Saini will discuss the MCQs related to various topics in General Science from Class 6 to Class 8 (Science) NCERT.

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Roman Saini
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search it by the name of " daily quant mock Test" by me..
9/10 Thank you Roman sir... This course is very much useful for non science students.. Pls... Continue for higher standards too.. Pls make similar course for Economics sir.. It will help science students a lot.. Could not consolidate what we study in Economics..
Thanks a lot Sir. Please make mcq on Economy and Economic Survey. (Ayuush Sanghi Sir). And please continue this course for higher classes. 8-10th and 11-12th. Please Also include current events in S&T important for Prelims.
thanks sir ur video n this app is very useful for aspirants like mi living in village far from Delhi make 9 th to 12 th ncrts course also ty in advance
Thanks Roman for the awesome!!! videos.Hope you have them on separate chapter wise detailed questions.God bless you.!!!
sir plzz continue for 8th to 12th ncerts also.. ty very much sir..
  1. 241. Ganga action plan was launched in the year, a. 1985 b. 1996 2006 2016 C. d.

  2. Answer: a Explanation: The Ganga action plan was, launched by Shri Rajeev Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India in 1985 with the main objective of pollution abatement and to improve the water quality.

  3. 0242. Which of the following is important for night vision? a. Rod cells b. Cone cells C. Blind spot d. White spot

  4. Answer: a Explanation: The retina contains two types of photoreceptors, rods and cones. The rods are more numerous and are more sensitive than the cones. However, they are not sensitive to colour. Rod cells are Imost entirely responsibl for night vision.

  5. Q243. Which of the following is not an organelle? a. Ribosome b Mitochondria c. Golgi complex d. Chloroplast

  6. Answer: a Explanation: ribosome is not classified as an organelle.

  7. Q244. Which of the following is absent in animal cells? a. Cell membrane b. Cell wall c. Mitochondria d. Vacuoles

  8. Answer:b Explanation: self-explanatory

  9. Q245. Late blight of potatoes is caused by a; a. b. Fungi C. Bacteria d. Drought Virus

  10. Answer:b Explanation: self-explanatory

  11. Answer: a Rain drops suspended in the air disperse (break into seven colours) the sunlight just like a prism and thus rainbow is formed opposite to the direction of the sun

  12. Q249. Light year is a unit of Distance b. Speed C. Time d. Mass

  13. Answer: a Explanation: one light year is the distance travelled by light in one year.

  14. Q250. Which of the following is also known as the red planet? a. Venus Mars C.Jupiter c. Jupiter d. Uranus

  15. Answer:b Mars appears slightly reddish and, therefore, it is also called the red planet. Mars has two small natural satellites.