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24 Dec 2018 //Exam Specific Vocabulary::Daily Dose From Newspaper(in Hindi)
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Purlove NDA
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inki Hindi to bta
sr February ke aa navy ke liye synonyms and antonyms ka video bano plsss
Sir meaning bhi Bata dijiye
sir plz explain and give more time about synonys and antonym and give example so that could stable long time in our mind as far as possible
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  2. CXAM SPECIFIC Daily Dose From Mewspaper

  3. 2yDec 2018 Vocabulary Dailly Dose From Mewspaper

  4. unacademy EDUCATOR ;- Purlove LINK:- user/VihaanLuthra

  5. 1. Word: Implicitly ARRE . Pronunciation: im-plis-it-leecit Part of Speech: Adverb Meaning: a. in a way that is not directly expressed; tacitly. b. without qualification: absolutely.

  6. Synonyms: thoroughly, entirely Antonyms: explicitly, openly . Use in a Sentence: Mr. Smith implicitly recognises the deterrent effect.

  7. 2. Word: Tepid (TTFT,JRTR ) Pronunciation: tey-pid/cfus Part of Speech: Adjective . Meaning: a. displaying little interest or enthusiasm

  8. Synonyms: unenthusiastic, half- hearted Antonyms: enthusiastic, ardent . Use in a Sentence: The president has seen his popularity grow tepid ever since he mishandled the budget crisis.

  9. 3. Word: Compliance (3A . Pronunciation: kuh m-plahy-uh ns/ Part of Speech: Noun Meaning: the state or fact of according with or meeting rules or standards.

  10. Synonyms: obedience, concurrence, consent Antonyms: refusal, denial, defiance . Use in a Sentence: The workers of the factory must be monitored to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions.

  11. Synonyms: obligatory, officeholder, . Antonyms: Aspirant, Layman, Nonessential Use in a Sentence: It's incumbent on parents to advise their children about the bad and good habits.

  12. . Synonyms: harmonize, conciliate . Antonyms: alienate, disagree . Use in a Sentence: You must reconcile yourself to your present job.

  13. Synonyms: very important, urgent, essential, all-important, top of mind Antonyms: insignificant, unimportant, trivial, frivolous Use in Sentence: The Supreme Court said that there has to be overarching' guidelines to guard personal information in public domain.

  14. 8. Word: Vest (34ferGZ -T) Part of Speech: Verb . Pronunciation: vest/ Meaning: confer or bestow (power, authority, property, etc.) on someone. Synonyms: empower, pertain Antonyms: disallow, deprive Use in a Sentence: In the case of bankruptcy, the property shall vest in the custodian.

  15. 9. Word: Misgiving (HEAR-CT T) .Pronunciation: mis-giv-ing/CIETT Part of Speech: Noun . Meaning: a feeling of doubt or apprehension about the outcome or consequences of something.

  16. Synonyms: qualm, doubt, reservation, scruple Antonyms: certainty, faith, confidence Use in a Sentence: He looks with misgiving at the strange man in front of him.