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1st November 2018 Part-2: Daily News Analysis (in Hindi)
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modern history ka course palasi ke war tk abhi huwa h
Soni mishra
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Sir how can I get June 2019 updated videos
Small shops and malls and other businesses can be run through day and nights because what will happen through this process 1) India's GDP will grow as production will increase 2)Longer duration will help better serving the people 3)Will reduce the problem of traffic congestion due to over crowding at particular places 4)Will provide more employment to people as we can see from Management industries or Chemical industries where professionals work in three different shifts so in the same way shops and malls can provide employment to more people
We can take an example of United States where 24 hours the stores are open, people work day and night. Yes, will help a lot of people to earn when ever they want but we can see crime rates in such countries, at night in the alleys, robbing of shops at night. There should be a night night armed security organ if the 24hour policy comes into implementation.
definitely but in only big cities ND the safety measures shud be enhanced ..proper lighting in street nd cctv shud install before the step of opening mkt at night
  1. want fo be start but th Important News Articles Taking Delhi/Noida edition as the base 1. Page 1: Share non-confidential info on Rafale deal, SC tells govt. 2. Page 1: Only 'green' crackers can be sold in Delhi, says SC ph e 3. Page 1: India jumps to 77th rank in the Ease of Doing Business Index reve S 4. Page 4: Kerala seeks support of all southern States 5. Page 8: These were custodial deaths: HC 6. Page 15: RBI autonomy is "essential, says Centre ink h cause ferent 7. Page 15: 'Statement shows govt. has bigger say 8. Page 15: RBI firm despite govt. seeking consultation under Section 7 9. Page 15: IL&FS resolution in 6-9 months: new board 10. Page 16: FPIs go on a selling spree in October 11. Page 16: Be ready to trace the origin of messages. WhatsApp told pu kand stay

  2. Important Editorials s bnat th 6EINTORIAL Adrift on stormy seas Support for lives on the move y hav Strategies for autonomy reve he g layer Mapping Brazil's far-right shift or us hink h cause h erent a pu

  3. want fo be start but th Page 1: India iumps to 77th rank in the Ease of Doing Business Index (GSM 3-Indian Econom India jumped 23 ranks in the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Index 2018 to 77. In the 2017 report, the country was ranked 100 ee Reforms by India lauded by WB India's strong reform agenda to improve the business climate for small and medium enterprises is bearing fruit. It is also reflected in the government's strong commitment to broaden the business reforms agenda at the State and now even at the district level During the past year, India made Starting a Business easier by fully integrating multiple application forms into a general incorporation form . ink h cause ferent . India also replaced the value added tax with the Goods and Services Tax (GST) for which pu the registration process is faster in both Delhi and Mumbai, the two cities measured by the Doing Business report. kand stay In addition, Mumbai abolished the practice of site inspections for registering companies under the Shops and Establishments Act. As a result, the time to start a business has beern halved to 16 days, from 30 days

  4. want fo be start but th Finance Minister Arun Jaitley pointed out that since the World Bank sets May 1 as the deadline for measurement, there are several initiatives taken by the government that will only reflect in next year's rankings including the effects of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code and the full effect of the Goods and Services Tax pHe said that despite the sharp improvement India has made in several categories in the he# Index, there were others such as registering a property, starting a business, taxation. rev insolvency, and enforcing a contract where a lot of work still needs to be done This year, two South Asian economies, India and Afghanistan, made it into the top 10 global improvers list. India, with a score of 67.23 (a gain of 6.63 from last year), did best on 'dealing with construction permits' and 'trading across borders' over a period of one year. ink h cause ferent Easing of doing business The Index ranks 190 countries based on 10 indicators across the life-cycle of a business, from "starting a business" to "resolving insolvency." PLI kand stay

  5. want to be starting ganses, beiag anted to show the boss whatcE s bnat th imp Check list The 10 parameters which the World Bank took into account while rating India 2016 2017 2018 200 y hav pho reve 150 100 50 he g layer or us hink h cause h erent a pu Borde Resolving insolvency rk and t sta Starting a Getting business credit Paying Getting taxes electricity trade Construction Protecting Registering Enforcing property contracts permits minority investors

  6. want fo be start but th India climbs 23 places in World Bank's rankings It's the only nation to have made it to the list of top 10 improvers for the second consecutive year. India's ease of doing business ranking The good Rank 2017 2018 181 52 Dealing with construction permits Starting a y has Year of announcement 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 ph 137 156 rev business he g 77 Enforcing 163 164 contracts 80 Trading across 146 Getting credit cause 100 Getting electricity24 connection 29 110 The bad Registering property Paying taxes Resolving insolvency Protecting minority investors 166 a pu 121 103 130 kand stay 130 130 108 142 4 Source: World Bank Doing Business report mage Credit: Livemint es that IP

  7. want fo be start but th DB 2019 | India Highlights ai ph rev 23 rank improvement in current year Highest improvement (53India recognized among rank) in 2 years by any top 10 Improvers for the second consecutive large country since 2011 year cause 9 First BRICS and South Asian country to be recognized as top improver in consecutive years pu India is now ranked 1st among South Asian countries compared to 6th rank in 2014 kand stay Image Credit The Economic Times

  8. want fo be start ut th Page 4: Kerala seeks support of all southern States (GSM 1- Social Issues Kerala has sought the cooperation of all the southern States in implementing the Supreme Court verdict granting unrestricted entry to women at the Ayyappa temple in Sabarimala. Though it was meant to be a meeting of the Ministers of the southern States, none of them . he rturned up. Chief Minister, who was to inaugurate it, also did not arrive. he g The Devaswom Minister appealed to the officials to create awareness among the Ayyappa devotees in their States not to bring plastic items. . On the campaign against donating cash in Sabarimala and other temples under the Travancore Devaswom Board (TDB), the Minister said the State was not using the temple funds. On the other hand, the government granted funds for the administration of temples cause . Every year, roughly 40 to 45 devotees died of heart attack during the trek to the hill shrine, pur the Minister said and highlighted the need for devotees to undergo a health check-up before coming to Sabarimala. On the damage caused by the recent deluge, he said the restoration works at Pampa and the construction of additional facilities at the Nilackal base camp were nearing completion. kand

  9. want fo be start Page 8: These were custodial deaths: HC (GSM 2- Polity and Governance . The Delhi High Court held that the killing of 38 Muslims in Hashimpura in 1987 by the Uttar 3 Pradesh Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) personnel was a case of custodial death. . The High Court noted the submission of the National Human Rights Commission that 'custody extends beyond the mere spatial construct of prisons or lock-ups The NHRC had pointed out, during the trial before the High Court, that many of the victims are reve survived by women who are either illiterate or ignorant of the State procedure. e. The commission had argued that merely having a scheme for compensation would not serve the purpose unless persons entitled to relief are made aware of their rights and are able to access it Accepting the NHRC's suggestion, the High Court recommended that every State Legal Services Authority should designate a Nodal Officer to address the needs of the victims' families in the case of custodial killings or State excesses. The court also said that the procedure put in place should ensure that such victims or the families are able to access and seek relief under the scheme and that such relief should not be limited to monetary compensation but other relief respecting the rights to basic survival and dignity of such , pur families . The High Court also referred to the right of the victim to know the truth and "the right for the truth to be known as an integral facet of right to justice." The Bench noted that in this case, the relatives of the victims who died as a result of "the brutal and bone-chilling action" of the PAC remained in the dark about not only the fate of the victims themselves, but also about the steps taken to investigate the case and unearth the truth.

  10. want fo be start but th Murder most foul How the families of the victims of a carnage had to wait over three decades for justice 1988: U.P. government orders a CB-CID investigation 1996: CB-CID files chargesheet in the criminal court in Ghaziabad against 19 PAC personnel y has ph reve he g 2002: Supreme Court transfers trial in the case to Delhi on a petition by the families of victims and survivors MAY 2006: Charges are framed by the trial court against all the accused for murder and other offences ink h cause ferent MARCH 23, 2015: The Delhi court acquits all the 16 accused; three other accused died during the trial MAY 2015: Trial court verdict challenged in the Delhi High Court by the victims' families pu Jaibun Nisha holding a photo of her husband Mohammed lqbal, a victim of the Hashimpura massacre. .R.V. MOORTHYSEPTEMBER 6, 2018: High Court kand stay reserves verdict MAY 22, 1987: Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) personnel ound up 42 to 45 persons from the Muslim community in Hashimpura. Shoot down 38 OCTOBER 31: Court convicts 16 former PAC personnel for murder and sentences them to life imprisonment mage Credit: The Hindu

  11. want fo be start but th Custodial deaths STATOISTICS POLICE CUSTODY KILLS ONE PERSON Deaths In Police Custody (intimation) EVERY SECOND DAY National Human Rights Commission's data shows a staggering 111 deaths in police custody over the past eight months roughly one death every second day. The agency also reports over 25,000 incidents of violence by police. The numbers seem to endorse the perception of violent policing 5 Custodial torture 3 1 ph reve 12 35 5022 ink h cause VIOLENCE IN POLICE CUSTODY (2015) Aug 48 17 50 Total cases of custodial 19 kand 29 330 12 deaths Source: Ministry Of Home Affairs; Research: Atul Thakur: Graphic: Anil Dinod Image Credit: Times of India,

  12. Sep 16,2017 judgement but th The Supreme Court directed the Chief Justices of all High Courts to register petitions suo motu to identify the kin of prisoners who died unnatural deaths from 2012 and order the States to award them compensation y has plIt is important for the Centre and the State governments to realise that persons who suffer an rev unnatural death in a prison are also victims _sometimes of a crime and sometimes of negligence and apathy or both. >There is no reason at all to exclude their kin from receiving compensation only because the victim is a criminal cause ferent i. Whv and how the compensation to the relatives of those died in Custodv is denied: [ilNormally, the National and State Human Rights Commissions award compensations in cases of custodial torture and deaths. However, compliance by State governments is low as these commissions do not exercise any power of contempt. kand stay ii. Besides, the States go for a long-drawn appeal in the High Courts and later on in the Supreme Court, if necessary HCs in charge: This judgment is significant as the High Court will now directly award compensation and ensure compliance by the States. es that

  13. want fo be start but th Page 15: RBI autonomy is 'essential, says Centre (GSM 3- Indian Economy) .The Ministry of Finance has acknowledged that the autonomy of the Reserve Bank of India is an 'essential and accepted governance requirement. .Significantly, it neither confirmed nor denied that it had issued directives to the central bank rtn otd hairentsin ndia have nurtured and resprested thi "Both the Government and the Central Bank, in their functioning, have to be guided by .The statement added that governments in India have nurtured and respected this. public interest and the requirements of the Indian economy For the purpose, extensive consultations on several issues take place between the Government and the RBI from time to time. This is equally true of all other regulators. Government of India has never made public the subject matter of those consultations the final decisions taken are communicated. The Government, through these consultations, i pun places its assessment on issues and suggests possible solutions... [and] will continue to do So. While speculation abounded about whether the Centre had invoked section 7 of the RBI Act, which would give the government the ability to direct the central bank's actions, the Finance Ministry remained silent on the issue. The Economic Affairs Secretary too declined . ferent . Only kand stay comment ,

  14. want fo be start but th Page 15: RBI firm despite govt. seeking consultation under Section 7 (GSM 3- Indian The RBI has refused to provide any leeway to stressed borrowers or give in to the demand of higher dividend by the government, which issued three letters to the central bank in the last one month for consultation under Section 7 of the RBI Act eSection 7 of the RBI Act empowers the central government to issue directions to the RBI in public interest. This section has, however, never been invoked by the government so far. Section 7 has two parts-consultation and then issuing a direction to the RBI for taking some action in public interest According to central banking sources, one letter pertained to exemption for power companies from new stressed asset norms, while another one was to dilute capital threshold norms of the prompt corrective action framework. Yet another one communication was pertaining to more capital to the government from the reserves of the central bank. ink h cause ferent PLI "No directions issued' . Sources said while the communication from the government was for consultation under kand stay Section 7, no directions were issued. It was speculated that if the government issued directions under this Section, RBI Governor' Ut Patel would quit.

  15. want fo be start but th Page 15: IL&FS resolution in 6-9 months: new board (GSM 3- Indian Econom The new board of the troubled financial conglomerate Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS) has informed the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) that the resolution process is expected to be completed in 6-9 months, subject to market and . y has ph economic conditions. rev eIn the report titled 'Progress and way forward,' the new board, chaired by banker Uday Kotak, noted that the core problem of IL&FS was excessive leverage and that the final resolution would inevitably involve substantial deleveraging from the current levels. * "Such deleveraging will necessarily need to be achieved in an orderly manner, considering - ferent the scale and complexity of IL&FS Group, in the absence of which there could be dire impact on asset/company values, especially at the level of certain key verticals," the report ' said PLI A deleveraging exercise usually involves significant capital infusion (either from existing or new investors), asset monetisation to retiring debt and resolution/compromise with the creditors, the report said kand stay

  16. want fo be start but th Austeritv measures The new board has proposed a set of austerity measures that include reduction of sitting fee of board members. IL&FS impact The report said as indicated by the Finance Ministry, the borrowing of IL&FS from banks y ha phe he g and financial institutions is about 63,000 crore as per the balance sheet of2017-2018. "If the exposure of banks to the IL&FS Group is assumed to be about 53,000 crore, then, considering that the exposure of the entire banking sector to all NBFCs is about 33.3 lakh crore, IL&FS Group is not inconsequential but critical to the financial stability as its share in the total exposure ofthe banks to the NBFC sector is about 16%," the report said The report further said the future impact of more defaults in the IL&FS Group, if not addressed in an orderly manner, may be catastrophic for the financial stability. . ink h cause t ferent . PLI kand stay The report also said IL&FS had only received 5.47 lakh from its rights issue to raise 4,500 crore as large investors stayed away. The new board had decided to return the subscription money received from the retail shareholders,

  17. want fo be start but th Page 16: FPIs go on a selling spree in October (GSM 3- Indian Economy) October has turned out to be the worst-ever month for Indian equities in terms of outflows from foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) that are often looked upon as the prime drivers of any bull run. rta shows that FPIs have been net sellers at nearly $4 billon or 28,921 crore in October, he which is significantly higher than any single month net sales registered in the last 16 years since data is available. Incidentally, the previous high was seen in November 2016, when FPIs sold Indian shares worth 18,244 crore. Meanwhile, in the current calendar year, foreign investors are net sellers at 42,138 crore or nearly $5.78 billion. cause ferent As expected, the huge quantum of selling by foreign investors has affected the stock markets i pu, with the benchmark Sensex shedding nearly 5% or 1,785 points in October. . Reason:While market participants attribute the FPI selling to the overall aversion towards kand stay emerging markets coupled with factors such as the record fall in the rupee against the dollar and the surge in global oil prices that adversely impacts India's current account deficit, they believe that the worst is over and flows should stabilise in the near-term

  18. want fo be start but th Page 16: Be ready to trace the origin of messages. WhatsApp told (GSM 3- Indian Econom The government said it does not want WhatsApp to "decrypt and read" messages sent on its platform but "insists" that the Facebook-owned firm be able to trace the origin of messages p that lead to serious crimes eWhatsapp said it would look into the issue and get back This was conveyed to WhatsApp vice president Chris Daniels at a meeting with Electronics and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. The government and WhatsApp firm have been at loggerheads over the issue of tracing the origin of fake messages. WhatsApp had earlier said it would not comply with the government's demand as the move would undermine the privacy of WhatsApp users . ink h cause ferent Potential for misuse PLI "Building traceability would undermine end-to-end encryption and the private nature of WhatsApp, creating potential for serious misuse," the U.S.-headquartered firm had said in August. kand stay In August, the government had asked WhatsApp to find a solution to trace the origin of fake messages