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1st, 2nd & 3rd Oct Imp Current Affairs MCQ (Hindi)
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In this Video, we will discuss about 1st, 2nd & 3rd Oct Imp. Current Affairs Quiz and will Discuss all imp. fact which is related to this question.

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  1. CRASH COURSE IBPS /BANK/SSC/other Exam Current Affairs MCQ 1st 2nd & 3rd OCT. IMP(Quiz With Explanation)) https://unacademy.7com/user/competiti onhub3

  2. 1. In which Country "Asian Men's Hockey Champions" will be held in 2018? [A] India [B] Iran [C] Omarn [D] Chaina

  3. 5th edition of Asian Men's Hockey Champions Trophy 2018 Muscat, Omarn October 18 to 28. Indian midfielder Manpreet Singh will be captain

  4. 2. Sanya Richards-Ross, is belong to which country? Al United States [B] Australia [C] England D1 Poland

  5. * Four-time Olympic gold medallist . ambassador for the Airtel Delhi half . American woman athlete Sanya Richards-Ross marathon October 21

  6. 3. Recently, Who is appointed as new Director- General of Railway Protection Force (RPF)? [A] Arun Kumar [B] Ashish Shina [C] Arun Jaitely [D] Ashok Sinha

  7. Arun Kumar, has been appointed the new Director-General of Railway Protection Force (RPF)

  8. 4. The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been awarded jointly to James P Allison and Tasuku Honjo for their discovery of which cancer therapy in 2018? [A] Immunotherapy B1 Surgery [C] Chemotherapy [D] Radiation

  9. Immunotherapy

  10. 5. Who has been Appointed as Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)? [A] Mansi Sharma [B] Gita Gopinath [C] Christine Lagarde [D] Guruswamy Jayraman

  11. 6. The 17th century 'Oonth Kadal' bridge, is located in which state? [A] Jammu & Kashmir [B] Rajsthan [Cl Uttarakhand [D] Himachal Pradesh

  12. 7. SATAT schemes belong to which field? [A] Market [B] Devlopment [C] Oil [D] Agriculture

  13. nationwide Action Research Project of Gram Panchayat development scheme has been inaugurated by the Narendra Singh Tomar Minister of Rural Development project is designed for the sustainable and holistic development of rural areas of the country.

  14. 9. In Which Country Youth Olympic Games" will be held in 2018 [A] Argentina [B] India [C] Japan D] China

  15. Buenos Aires in Argentina