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11th & 12th OCT Imp. MCQ ( In Hindi)
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In this Video, we will discuss about 11th and 12th Oct Imp. Current Affairs Quiz and will Discuss all imp. fact which is related to this question.

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This is very helpful ... please make a video on mensuration ...
awesme sirji......
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a year ago
if possible share the same
  1. CRASH COURSE IBPS /BANK/SSC/other Exam Current Affairs MCQ 11th & 12th OCT. IMP oiz with Explanation) https://unacademy.7com/user/competiti onhub3

  2. 1. "The Paradoxical Prime Minister: Narendra Modi And His India", Author of this book? [A] Salman Khurshid [B] Arundhati Roy [C1 Shashi Tharoor [D] Ravi Gupta

  3. Shashi Tharoor

  4. 2. Kishour Giri, who passed away recently, belong to which state? [A] Sikkinm [B] Assam [C] Arunachal Pradesh [D] Meghalaya

  5. Assamese singer and music director

  6. 3. 'Best Practices in International Arbitration' is organised by which Govt.? [A] LIC [B] NITI Aayog [C] RBI [D] HDFC

  7. . NITI Aayog It purpose is to strengthen dispute resolution mechanisms and to not only encourage 'Make in India' but also to 'Resolve in India'

  8. 4. India's rank according to Henley Passport Index in 2018? [Al 91st [B] 81st [C] 82nd D1 61st

  9. India has been ranked 81st

  10. 5. Who has been appointed the new Solicitor General of India? [A] Raju Kumar [B] Tushar Mehta [C] Kunal Singh [D] Pankaj Gupta

  11. 6. On which Date, "World Mental Health Day (WMHD)" is observed? [A] 8th Oct [B] 9th Oct [C] 10th Oct [D] 11th Oct

  12. 7. Mobile health App MedWatch' is assosiated with which force? [A] Coast Guard [B] Indian Navy [C] BSF [D] Indian Air Force

  13. UK-based charity Oxfam International's ranked 147th among 157 countries . Denmark

  14. 9. Name of the State Govt, Which has decided to set up anti-terrorist force 'Kavach'? [A] Haryana [B] M.P [C] Punjab [D] Bihar

  15. Haryana government Anti-Terrorist Force (ATF) 'Kavach to strengthen the present-day security arrangements in the state Headquarters of Kavach Gurugram

  16. 10. Who has clinched men's individual recurve gold in Jakarta Asian Para-Games in 2018? [A] Harvinder Singh [B] Mariyappan Thangave [C] Saurabh Chaudhary [D] Rushiraj Barot