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19th June 2018 Current Affairs Capsule (in Tamil)
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Devrais,India USA deefence pacts,National Data Centres and many other exam points explained in Tamil

Dr Jagadesh Kumar
,M.B.B.S.,Now doing PG in MD Radiation Oncology at Madras Medical College,Chennai.Cleared NEET PG,TNPG,UPSC GDMO.

Unacademy user
Bht sahi smjh aya ????????????????
Sir, You had already told me that, you were busy at some hectic work, I could understand you sir but, Many aspirants like me were daily looking forward to your CA videos updates for their preparations. So Kindly do post the missing CA updates (Jun 13, 14, 16, 17, 20, 21) during your leisure time It would be huge guide & help for many aspirants like me. Thank you.
will upload it regularly from this week...
sir pls give affairs daily....
sure... do share my videos ... so that many can benefit from it
Ajith kumar
a year ago
yes i will...
ICD-International Classification of Diseases
Dhanush is an Artillery gun
  1. Course: Current Affairs Capsule Lesson: 19-6-2018 PRESENTED BY:DR.S.N.JAGADESH KUMAR

  2. About me . . .S., Currently doing PG in MD Radiation Oncology at Madras Medical College,Chennai .Interests: Music, Movies,Cricket . Loves to teach and motivate people . Taken classes in organizations .Follow me on Unacademy at: : . Upvotes,Ratings, Reviews,Share on facebook.whatsapp

  3. Question of the Day: Dhanush is an? A. Missile B. Artillery gun C. Tank D.Rocket

  4. National Data Centres host government websites, services and applications .set up by the National Informatics Centre (NIC), under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). .Bhubaneswar, Delhi, Hyderabad and Pune. Bhopal

  5. .biggest data centre .5lakhs virtual servers

  6. Aadhaar: 121 crore -June 16, 2018 .Bank accounts with aadhaar 59.15 crore Indians had linked 87.79 crore.

  7. India and Italy: 70th year of diplomatic relations between the two countries. cooperation in counter-terrorism and cybersecurity India-China: .Bilateral trade deficit China to import Sugar,non-basmati rice,high quality medicines

  8. India-USA defence pacts: COMCASA (Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement) Transfer of encrypted communication systems High tech military hardware share BECA (Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement) India did not sign Russia

  9. LEMOA .Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement .Military facilities access Refueling and replenishment India signed-2016

  10. ICD 11: .World health assembly 2019 1 January 2022 -comes into effect ICD-55,000 codes for injuries diseases WHO release

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