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15th June 2018 - Current Affairs Capsule (in Tamil)
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President on Rajiv Case Convicts release appeal,CARA and AWBI and many other exam points explained in Tamil Language

Dr Jagadesh Kumar
,M.B.B.S.,Now doing PG in MD Radiation Oncology at Madras Medical College,Chennai.Cleared NEET PG,TNPG,UPSC GDMO.

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sin3/4 sin^pi/3 kese hua 😦😕
Vaibhav King
a year ago
sin^2 theta =3/4. sin theta=√3/2 sin π/3 =√3/2
Nice sir tamil write panuga sir
Kindly do upload June 13th and 14th, 2018 CA capsules sir
little busy madam.. will upload by tomorrow
Aarthi A
a year ago
Oh, Thank you sir.
Hello Sir, Why there is no updates of the current session for the past two days sir?
Article 72 - President Pardons eDNA e stands For Environmental
Article 72 - President Pardons eDNA e stands For Environmental
  1. Course: Current Affairs Capsule Lesson: 15-6-2018 PRESENTED BY:DR.S.N.JAGADESH KUMAR

  2. About me . . .S., Currently doing PG in MD Radiation Oncology at Madras Medical College,Chennai .Interests: Music, Movies,Cricket . Loves to teach and motivate people . Taken classes in organizations .Follow me on Unacademy at: : . Upvotes,Ratings, Reviews,Share on facebook.whatsapp

  3. Question of the Day: eDNA..What does e stand for? A. Elementary B. Environmental C. Economical D. Exclusive

  4. President on Rajiv Gandhi case convicts: .TN made an appeal to release Rajiv Gandhi Case convicts .But President rejected it .Point noted over here: President is bound by the advice of his Council of Ministers

  5. Under Section 435 of the Criminal Procedure Code, State government has to consult the Centre before releasing prisoners who were tried by the Central Bureau of Investigation or under a central legislation. Supreme Court -December 2015 the State government had no power to release the convicts without the Centre's permission

  6. Football World Cup: .Russia Opening ceremony -Luzhniki stadium in Moscow 21st edition Shikhar Dhawan -first Indian and 6th test batsman to score century before lunch on Day 1 of a test match

  7. Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) constituted under the provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act Do not have the right to prescribe punishments or fines for violations of the PCA Act but can take up legal action New order: .States will be held responsible for cattle, dogs and cats wandering on streets and officials will be held accountable for inflicting "cruelty" on them

  8. Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) nodal body for adoption in the country has barred partners in live-in relationships from adopting a child on the ground Not a stable family Supreme Court said that adult couples have the right to live together even if they were not married. live-in relationships are recognised under the provisions of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005

  9. France will force tobacco companies to help end the bundles of cigarette butts that litter streets and contaminate water

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