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1. Properties of Conductors (Electric field lines and Charges ) (in Hindi)
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Types of material , Properties of conductors , Electric field Lines and charges outside conductors

Deependra Singh Naruka
#BTech (Mechanical) # Senior Faculty of Physics #Kota (Rajasthan) #Ex Bansal classes faculty #Ex Narayana IIT academy Faculty # I am teachin

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fantastic calculation sir
Kavita sharma
9 months ago
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9 months ago
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thanks sir for starting this chapter also
Sir please make videos on wave optics
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  1. Semicnductor Candlu ctoss Ansulator e ase Bouncla S eme ease (au vodinte

  2. PROPERTIES OF CONDUCTORS #All valence electrons are free to move within the surface boundary. E- End 1 A as induce O

  3. ,,we placed a conductor in an Electric Field then charge in the conductor arrange themselves in such a fashion that net Electric field inside the conductor becomes zero. Q. From A, B, C, D which line is correct? TRE dV

  4. Electric Field lines terminates and originates perpendicularly to surface. Conductors are equipotential inside. Q. Find Electric field at A due to Induced Charge? 52

  5. Q. Find net potential at A and Potential due to Induced charges on A? . de

  6. At A find Va Cinduced?? K & ol

  7. Candne tos o. Tust ni de Solia Cemouct oas pljina auss a on this auusi an a ce * All charges will resides on outer surface of conductors

  8. Cani All chasa LLAw9usi des outside- * No net charge reach cavity in this case

  9. Relation between surface charge density and Radius of curvature Lo ca uA o -r

  10. hn -f Previous relation is valid only for Isolated system