9 lessons • 2h 8m

1. Properties of Conductors (Electric field lines and Charges ) (in Hindi)

14m 57s

2. Electric field and Electrostatic Pressure (in Hindi)

14m 00s

3. Spheres (in Hindi)

13m 35s

4. Non conducting spheres, Field and potential Energy (in Hindi)

14m 43s

5. Problems related Non-Conducting Spheres (in Hindi)

13m 34s

6. Problems related Non Conducting spheres (Problems linked with SHM) (in Hindi)

14m 07s

7. Cavity problem

14m 39s

8. Charge distribution and Electrostatic shielding

13m 37s

9. Connecting two conductors, Earthing, Potential energy of the system

15m 00s