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01- Introduction of Global Warming (in Hindi)
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This lesson will provide you with the basic introduction of global Warming and it's causes

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I come from Ranchi,Jharkahnd.I have completed my 10th and12th from DPS,vindhyanagar.I took a drop of one year to prepare for jee exam and th

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suppose xi = 1/i for i = 1,2,3 ......,11 . which is not correct ? A) AM >1/6. B) HM> 1/6 c) Median = HM how to tackle this type of question please make a video we all are having upcoming CDs exam please ....
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then you have to know the basic idea of ap hp and gp. calculate it and match with answer.
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sir I tried but doesn't understand???????? please can you make video I am week in maths .please.....
  1. Ecology & Environment Current Affairs) Global Warming- Part 1

  2. Topics to be covered What is global warming and how it happens? What are the causes of global warming ? What is 'green house effect' & 'green house gases'?

  3. Global Warming: Global warming is the increase in Earths average surface temperature. The which otherwise got escaped. This is a type of green house effect Sun Making coldly Heat-trapping gases Warming temperature Surface of the earth

  4. Causes of global warming: 1. Natural Causes 2. Man-made or Anthropogenic Causes

  5. 1, Natural Causes: Forest Fire : It is otherwise called as deforestation by nature, Forest fire emits CO2 in the atmosphere, and the new forest growth is slow and not stable enough to produce much needed oxygen. Permafrost: Frozen soil or snow constitute about 25% of the northern hemisphere, it keeps in carbon and methane gases. The permafrost leaks this gases into the atmosphere.

  6. Water Vapors : Approximately two-third of the gases in the atmosphere is in the form of water vapors. The water vapors are more denser then gases and thus unable to escape the atmosphere, and results in hotter climate Humans & Animals Humans and animals release CO2 in the atmosphere (respiration), although minor in number, is still a natural causing factor in releasing more CO2 in the atmosphere (more accountable for highly populated countries e.g India, China etc)

  7. Overpopulation: Due to this more amount of CO2 and other GHGs are released into the atmosphere in order to fulfill the requirement of the increasing people.