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Written Ability Test
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Venkatesan S
IIM Bangalore Alumni | Cleared CAT 2015 | Cleared IIM B, C, L, K & I

Unacademy user
sir does electrons enter the positive terminal via external circuit and the battery uses uts chemical energy to move the charges to negative terminal inside tge battery. now the charges at -ve are at high potential as compared to +ve.from here electrons again go towards +ve terminal via external circuit amd they lose all their energy in a resistor as heat or light?? sir pls reply quickly
Udit Gupta
2 months ago
Yes correct..
Simoni Jain
2 months ago
sir thanku for the ans. sir then what is the role of ions within the battery??
Simoni Jain
2 months ago
like in zinc-copper cell sulphate ions flows +ve to-ve terminal?
Udit Gupta
2 months ago
That you must concern with your chemistry teacher..
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