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Work-Energy And Power(in Hindi)
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Work Energy And Power.

Niranjan Suman
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Unacademy user
Hello sir I need help to solve this question , pls try to solve as soon as possible. Q- The most general solution of 2sinx+2cosx=21−12√ is (n ϵ Z): (a) 2nπ+5π4 (b) nπ−π4 (c) nπ+(−1)nπ4 (d) 2nπ+π4
Vineet Loomba
a year ago
divide by sq root of a2+b2 and solve ..check Trigonometry course
The question is not copied properly sir, It is 2^sinx + 2^cosx = 2^1-1/root2
Is there any option at unacademy to personally ask doubts ?
Vineet Loomba
a year ago
no not present ..pls check once with unacademy support team
ok sir and that question??
Vineet Loomba
a year ago
I already gave you the method
ok I will try to do it ,thank you sir😄
Sir in ncert there are some methods to solve particular integrals , i.e 7.4 section , plz try to make a course on them also
Vineet Loomba
a year ago
already included them in indefinite integral course ..have you seen the course
yes till the substitution it after tht?
Vineet Loomba
a year ago
ok then I will see it ...thank u sir
Sir I have the whole 2nd part of my maths book to study ,can I still clear jee if I complete it by november?