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Word List With Their Meanings: Set 1
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10 words with their meanings

Srijita Banerjee
B.Tech in Biotechnology\singer\loves teaching\public speaker\peer educator\Bengali

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  2. RECUPERATE (Verb) To recover from sickness or exhaustion; regain health Ameliorate, convalesce, mend, emend, augment, promote Decline, enervate, debilitate, exacerbate, worsen, ruirn It took time for me to completely recuperate after the fever was gone while I was suffering from pox.

  3. PATRONIZE (Verb) To follow or trade with something regularly Indulge, deign, deal, with, buy from, cotton to, uphold Ignore, blink, avert, omit, overpass, scorn, burke, skirt After she received a bad quality material from the online shopping site, she decided to no longer patronize that service.

  4. FOIBLE (Noun) A minor weakness or falling of character Defect, infirmity, frailty, vice, blemish, drawback, flaw Perfection, strength, brawn, fortitude, pith, potency Our branch topper's uncontrollable temper is foible and this can be a reason for his downfall one day.

  5. BOHEMIAN (Adjective) Pertaining to or characteristic of unconventional life Hippie, iconoclast, dilettante, beatnik, maverick, radical Conformist, emulator, traditionalist, orthodox Nobody believed that the bohemian girl would be able to give such an exquisite speech on Bengali tradition.

  6. TENET (Noun) One which is held as true by members of a profession; any opinion, principle; doctrine etc. Creed, dogma, faith, maxim, precept, thesis, view Disbelief, canard, sham, clinker, hassle, heterodoxy The basic tenet of the diet program is the belief that the consumption of fruits and vegetables in excess can aid reduction in weight.

  7. SUFFUSE (Verb) To spread over Discharge, saturate, overspread, douse, imbue, steep Discolor, defile, constrict, mar, confine, rust, tarnish, tinge Being the class representative, Samir's task became to suffuse all the new he got from the faculty, to the whole class.

  8. PRECARIOUS (Adjective) Dependent on circumstances beyond one's control; uncertain or unstable Dicey, equivocal, chancy, impugnable, risky, rugged Certain, definite, assured, sanguine, firm, genuine By keeping works pending, Charlie has come into a precarious situation at the end of the semester, when the finals are near.

  9. INGRATE (Noun) An ungrateful person Bounder, unmindful, bezoniarn Indebted, behold, obliged, content, obligated, owed Jasmine showed that she was ingrate to her birthday gift by giving it some other person

  10. COUNTERMAND (Verb) To revoke or cancel Rescind, repel, retract, reverse, abrogate, annihilate, invalidate Allow, ratify, grant, avow, accord, empower, oblige After realizing the unpreparedness for the test, the whole class decided to ask the professor to countermand or postpone it.