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What is Selection ? How Arrangement can be done from Selection? ( In Hindi )
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In this lecture we have learnt basics about Permutation and Combination.

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Ashish Bajpai
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Tanya mam you are amazing
permutations and combinations series consists 3 parts .
Ashish Bajpai
a year ago
sir the way in which 5 different balls can be distributed among three person such that each get at least one bol I firstly Select 3 balls from the 5 balls and arrange them in three persons by factorial 3 then I distribute the remaining two balls by 9 ways but I didn't get the answer right the right answer is 150 and I am getting 540 please tell me my mistake in this method
Ashish Bajpai
a year ago
Check the 3rd lecture of this course to understand error in selection
sir please ek question bta do please sir prove that n!/(n-r)!=n(n-1) (n-2)..…...(n-(r-1))
Ashish Bajpai
a year ago
you should check my part 2 course for this proof
Jatin Dhanuk
a year ago
okay sir