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What are Parliamentary Forums and their objectives (in Hindi).
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Let's discuss the meaning of Parliamentary forums and their objectives.

Rahul Agrawal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Rahul Agrawal
The Ultimate Doubt Destroyer on Unacademy. One of the Top Educator on the Unacademy platform. Famous for Doubt destroyer series.

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ek course parliament ,panchayat and urban local govt pe bhi bna do sir and thanks for rest of the courses🙏
Super 50 course is top most course of unacademy by a great tutor. I request you to make laxmikant polity chapterwise in a doubt destroyer manner. Thanks a lot
sir parliament chapter pura bna dijiye like all sessions , power of speaker and all the adjournments
yes sir sare course aapke dekhti hu... bahut acche to the point hota h
Pls speak in English,,,,we r from andhra Pradesh.. pls
  1. Parliamentary Forums In A Doubt Destroyer Manner -By Rahul Agrawal R. AGRAWAL

  2. So far in the doubt destroyer series Emergency provisions Anti - defection law Amendment of the constitution 2 & 3 7 & 8 4 6 Fundamental duties and Schedules Tribunals And centre state relations DPSP And President ofIndia R. AGRAWAL

  3. Parliamentary forums:- What are thev? They provide a platform to the members, so that they can interact with the minister, experts & key officials and have a focused & meaningful discussion on critical issues. There are in total 8 Parliamentary forums. > 1st parliamentary forums was constituted in the year 2005. Parliamentarv forums on water conservation management R. AGRAWAL

  4. Objectives: Main aim is the sharing of knowledge & providing a platform of discussion & dialogue between parliamentarians & experts. To sensitise members about the key areas of concern & > To prepare a data base through collection of data on > Members will become more educated can law take part ground revel situation critical issues from ministers concerned, NGOs etc. in the discussions meaningfully Parliament will finally work. R. AGRAWAL

  5. Composition:- Lok Sabha speaker is the President of all the parliamentary - R.S Chairman will be the President, L.S speaker will be the co- 31 Members (21 from Lok Sabha, 10 from Rajya forums except Parliamentary forum on population & public health. president. Sabha)excluding president & vice president) Nominated by speaker/chairman from amongst the leaders of various political parties/groups Meetings of the forums are held during parliament sessions. R. AGRAWAL 7


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