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West and Central Asia- Ghur and Prithviraj
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Invasion of Ghur and failure of Rajputs at the frontiers lead Delhi to pass into hands of Turks.

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Abhishek Srivastava
GS faculty and subject matter expert | 4 yrs Teaching Exp.| HiStory, Geog. and Polity courses with interrelation, logic & chronology.

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Abhishek, your all sessions are fabulous. Please take a suggestion for auto-correcting the English words at least apart from the historical words. The presentation has a lot of spelling mistakes. It is sometimes difficult to understand. pressing F7 key in powerpoint would do the work. please take it constructively. Thanks
Rohit prakash
6 months ago
@vivekrohit it's ,''all your sessions are fabulous**''
good presentation sir,Heartfelt thanks
Enough for Medieval history for pre and mains.. can go through satish chandra for Mughals in u have time✌
  1. Crash Course The Medieval Indian History The West And Central Asia

  2. Abhishek Srivastava ABOUT ME: . Qualified IIT JEE 2006 .Indian maritime University, Kolkata . Marine Engineer . Qualified for UPSC mains twice . Got selected in SSC and IBPS twice . GS faculty . https:/ . Crash Course on Modern History . Crash Course on Ancient History Ncert Class VI Summary . Delhi Sultanate

  3. 700 710 Mohd Bin Qasim 910o 720 730 740 750 760 770 780 790 800 810 820 830 840 850 860 870 880 890 900 1310 1320 1330 1340 Ibn Batuta 1350 1360 1370 1380 1510 1520 1526 Battle of Panipat 920 930 940 950 960 970 980 990 1000 1001 1110 1120 1130 1140 1150 1160 1170 1180 1190 Mohd Ghor 1390 1200 1206 Qutub or 1398 Timur 1410 1420 1020 Ghaani 1220 1230 430 1440 1450 1460 1470 1480 1490 1500 1025 1040 1050 Al Biruni 1250 106O 1070 1080 1260 1270 1280 Marco polo 1290 109 1100 71 1300

  4. Meanwhile in India :The Rajputs Break-up of Prathihara empire, a number of rajput states came into existence in North India. vMost important of these were the Gahadavalas of kanauj, the Paramaras of malwa, the Chauhans of Ajmer.

  5. The Rajputs RAJPUTANA The basis of the society was | the clan, every clan trace their descent from a common ancestor, real or imaginary v Generally dominated a compact territory. v Attachment to land, family and the honour was a characteristic of the Raiputs.

  6. v The sense of brotherhood and egalitarianoism which prevailed among rajputs, but this made difficult to maintain discipline among them. VTendency to form exclusive group is their basic weakness, each claim supriority over the others. VThe rajputs treat war as a sport, the ideal ruler was one who led out his armies after celebrating the Dassehra festival to invade the territories of his neighbours. Y They are champions of Hinduism. v This period was regarded as marking a climax in temple- building activity in north india.

  7. The Turkish conquest of north India Reson: VThe lure for plunder made by the successors of mahmud. The lure for plunder made by the successors of mahmud muslim traders were allowed v process of intraction between hindu and islam started. Vtowards the end of 12th century another group of turkishmen shattered the power of Seljuk turks

  8. The Turkish conquest of north India In the vaccum two new power rose 1.The Khwarizmi empire based on Iran 2.The Ghurid empire ( vassal of ur in North- west Afghanisthan

  9. vV central asian ambition of the GHURIDS was limited by Khwarizmi. KHORASAN, which was the bone of conquered by Khwarizm shah. een the two, v this left no option for the Ghurids but to look for expansion towards India.

  10. Shahabuddin muhammad v also known as muhammad Ghuri Sat at throne at GHAZINI 1173 vattempt to penetrate in India v But defeated by gujarat ruler BHIMA II (near mount Abu.) V Then he conquered sindh, sailkot, peshwar, lahore. v Same time power of Chauhan had been steadily rised he captured delhi from Tomars. the expansion of the Chauhan power brought them into conflict