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Weapons of Soft Skills: Resume/CV/Email Writing/Cover Letter/Recommendation Letter
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Resume/CV/Email writing/ Cover Letters are a must to make a mark on the company for presenting yourself as an ideal candidate. And hence this lesson will provide the importance of these documents, and the basic difference between them for creating an effective impact on the recruiters.

Dr Priyadarshini Verma
A Teacher & a Learner both. A Researcher by Qualification; A Teacher by Profession; and a Learner by Virtue...

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Sir Kya central government job ke liye apprentice jaruri hai
Ma'am, We can attach Cover letter/ Recommendation letter/ Statement of Purpose with our Resume/ CV only when and as asked. Right? Or we can ourselves attach these documents with our will?
Hello Ms. Vidushi, While applying for a job you can send both a CV/Resume with a Cover letter, since it will reflect your high professional etiquettes. SOP and Recommendation letters should be forwarded only if the firms have asked for it. Recommendation letters or Letter of reference should not be sent while applying for a job, instead in your job application email you can conclude by writing "References available upon request" and attach your CV/ Resume and a Cover letter. So if they feel the need they can separately ask you to present your testimonials later. But above everything, donot take any of these documents for granted since the organizations expect that you should keep all these documents ready incase they need it immediately.
Hope it helps. Best! Priyadarshini
really helpful lesson.
Thank you for your feedback.

  2. e Yes you heard it right! Resume, CV, Email, Cover Letter, Recommendation letter are all a significant part of our Soft skills which can turn the table in our favour in some or the other way . Hence preparing these documents is an art we need to master. And having a strong and an impressive RESUME/CV will make a mark for us even before we appear for an interview physically. . These documents are considered to be the first point of contact between a candidate and any company, so it has to create an impact. And that is why this lecture is here to help you polish your Soft skills, and know all about RESUME/ CV/ Email writing, etc.

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  4. Why should we consider them "WEAPONS" of Soft Skills? A job aspirant in most of the cases doesn't get to meet the interviewers and recruiters. .Hence it is these documents or write ups that do the work of letting the company know that you are highly interested in working with them, attracting their attention towards your profile, creating a "Prior image" of vours in their minds and also prepare a background for vour interview . Now also it has to be used as a weapon to hit the concrete walls of any organization, stronger your Resume or CV means your weapon is highly effective and stronger your soft skills are means stronger your personality, you can target the company walls.

  5. Resume/ CV: Is it all the same?? Resume CV Resume is basically a o CV is basicallv a detailed document summary of your professional life and academic qualifications. of your academic, professional and other achievements in life e It can extend up to 3-4 pages. . It is very short, within maximunm two pages. . Personal details like date of birth marital status, languages known, etc can be added in a CV. . Not much personal details is required. A CV is mainly for freshers across any stream, academicians, etc. e Resume is generally for both freshers and experienced both, particularly from professional courses.

  6. Using the term "BIODATA e Also many people use the term "BIODATA", which is again a wrong term used for a RESUME or a CV BIODATA is more of a personal information, and is informal in nature. Professional recruiters do not generally ask for a BIODATA e Biodata contains other personal details like religion, place of birth, mother's name, father's name, etc. e Hence here for your recruitment process to companies, kindly and strictly stick to either a RESUME or a CV, until asked for a BIODATA

  7. . So now we know that RESUME/CV/BIODATA are not "one and the same" Therefore be very careful of what is the company's requirement. If they have asked for a resume prepare your document as per their requirement. . Also be careful while you mention about the required document in the email or in your interview as well, for example if you have forwarded a RESUME, then do not mention the term "CV" while writing an email or while sitting for an interview. BE CAREFUL!!

  8. Yet Another Blunder:Cover Letter/ Recommendation Letter/ Statement of Purpose are all the same!! Well not at all. They all are separate documents, required and needed by various organizations suiting as per the requirements of the job profile or the positions open. Cover letters are generally a single paged document which states to the recruiters that what makes them a suitable candidate for the job. Why does your candidature stand a strong chance for being hired. It's a summary of your professional activities and skills. Recommendation letter is a document which attests to your qualification, your achievements, your qualities by eminent people who have known you professionally. It is a document that authenticates your work, your conduct at your previous workplace, etc. and recommends you strongly for the concerned post by the author of the letter. e Statement of Purpose is basically a document to explain the background of a candidate's career, the motivational factors for pursuing the career, the area of interest, and where does the candidate see him/herself in the next few years

  9. So while preparing all the formal documents one should keep in mind a few important tips: e Carefully choose every single word you mention in your Resume. . Do not over exaggerate any fact and write. Remember you can be creative with your CV/RESUME but not artistic here. . Do not bluff. Present honest facts about yourself. Do not CCP= CUT/COPY/PASTE the information blindly from somewhere Keep your formats ready for all types of documents in both hard and soft copy