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Volume and Surface Area of Cube and Cuboid (in Hindi)
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About Volume & Surface Area of cube and cuboid is taught in this lesson. Also some questions based on topics taught are present in this lesson.

Mayank Agnihotri
B.Tech (ECE), Machine enthusiast, Inspired by an old hindi saying " Gyan baatne se badhta ha"

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  2. O VOLUME Space occupied by a 3-D object is called its Volume'. It is always measured in cubic unit like meter centimetre3, etc. SURFACE AREA Surface area of a 3-D object is the area of all of its surfaces together. Surface area is measured in square unit like cm2, m2, etc.

  3. CUBOID A 3-D object having 6 rectangular faces is called a cuboid Volume of the cuboid lx b x h Curved surface area of the cuboid 2(1 + b)h Total surface area of the cuboid 2(lb + bh+ lh) - - Length of the diagonal of cuboid (d) V12 b2 + h2 Where, l Length, b Breadth and h height

  4. CUBE A 3-D object having 6 equal faces i.e square faces is called a cube. Volume of the cube a3 .curved surface area of the cube 4a2 Total surface area of the cube 6a 2 - Length of the diagonal of cube (d) - av3 Where, a -edge of the cube

  5. Questions Ques 1. Find the volume and curved surface area of cuboid, having dimensions 10 m x 8 m x 6 m. Given dimensions are l = 10 m, b = 8 m and h = 6 m. Volume of cuboid= lbh = 10 8 6 = 480 m3 Ans Curved surface area 2 Sol. b)h 2(10 8) x 6 36 x 6 216 m2 Ans Ques 2. A tank is in the form of a cuboid. It holds a maximum of 540 m3 water. If the tank is 8 m long 2 and 15 m wide, then how many meters deep must the water be when the tank is full? (1) 2 (2) 4.5 (3) 2.5 (4) 3 ICTET Sept 2016] So Given, volume of tank 540 m3, length of tank 8 m and breadth of tank -15 m golume .3 5402 x 180 m)- 360 m2 2 volume 3 I b h=8 15 h = 120h 360 3 m 120h 360 Hence, the water must be 3 m deep. 120

  6. Ques 3. Ram want to build a solid cube of 15 cm side. How many pieces are required of 5 cm side? volume of Solid cube o/15cm side= 15'=15x 15x15=27 Ans Sol. Required number of pied1ISM144 Ans Required number of pieces- Volume of Solid cube of 5 cm side 53 5x5x5 Ans Ques 4. The surface area of a cube is 96 cm2. What is the length of its side? So. et length of side of cube be a cm. Then, according to the question Surface area of cube = 96cm2 6a2 96 a96 16 4 cm Ans

  7. A cube has a volume 125 cm3. Area of its one face is (1) 25 cm2 ICTET Nov 2012] Ques 5. (2) 5 cm2 (2) 30 cm2 (4) 20 cm2 Sol. Let side of cube be a cm volume of cube-a 3 so, area of one face 52 25 cm2 Ans