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Verbal Analogies - 1
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This lesson is a start to prepare you guys on the importance of this section or the paper whereby you will understand different questions that will appear and also will know how to solve them. All you have to do is pick out the option that is the most closest in relation to the question pair. All the best!

Rachel Shruthi
Graduated from ST. Francis Degree college in bachelor's English literature . I have about 8 months of experience in teaching. Currently pur

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Rachel Shruthi
16 days ago
Thank you so much . Continue to learn
guacamole is a mexican dish made of avocados. and it is pronounced as -guaakaa-mo-lé
For everyone who were confused while going through beginning of lesson, I'll add that we will have to find the closest matching option to the question given.
Plz try to keep the introduction part small ... 4 minutes is a huge time ...
Vipin Prajapati
8 months ago
agree with you
  1. Verbal Analogy GATE

  2. The dictionary defines an analogy as a "similarity in some respects between things that are otherwise dissimilar." In each of the questions contained in this section, you will find a pair of related words Look at those words and try to figure out how they are connected to one another. For example, what is the connection between the words fish and scales? Obviously, a fish is covered with scales; now think of two other words that share a similar relationship

  3. A good example of this would be bird and feathers. The similarity between these two unrelated pairs of words is an analogy The best way to approach an analogy question is to make up a sentence that describes the relationship between the first two words and find another pair in the choices that would fit into that same sentence. A fish is covered with scales, as a bird is covered with feathers.

  4. 0. PETAL: FLOWER a. recliner: chair b. leaf: tree c. basket ball d. material : fabrio e. avocado : guacamole 1. SHELF BOOKCASE a. arm : leg b. stage: curtain c. bench : chair d. key: piano e. lamp bulb

  5. 2. FISH: SCHOOL a. wolf: pack b. tiger jungle c. herd: peacock d. raven :school e. dog: collie 3. SCALE WEIGHT a. yardstick: length b. width : depth c. length: width d. size : area e. mileage: speed

  6. 4. WATERMELON: FRUIT a. collar leash b. dog: companion c. fish : bowl d. Dalmatian : canine e. apple : orange 5. FOOT: SKATEBOARID a. tire automobile b. lace : shoe c. ounce : scale d. walk: jump e. pedal: bicycle

  7. 6. STRETCH: EXTEND a. tremble: roll b. thirsty: drink c. shake: tremble d. stroll : run e. stitch: tear 7. KANGAROO: MARSUPIAL a. salmon : mollusk b. zebra: horse c. rhinoceros : pachyderm d. beagle: feline e. grasshopper : rodent

  8. 8. STARVING HUNGRY a. neat: thoughtful b. towering : cringing c. progressive: regressive d. happy : crying e. depressed : sad 9. DERMATOLOGIST ACNE a. psychologist : neurosis b. child: pediatrician c. ophthalmologist: fracture d. oncologist: measles e. allergies : orthopedist

  9. 10. FRAME: PICTURE a. display : museum b. shelf: refrigerator c. mechanic: electrician d. nail : hammer e. fence: backyard

  10. 0. b. A petal is a part of a flower, a leaf is a part of a tree. 1. d. A shelf is a part of a bookcase; a key is a part of a piano. 2. a. A group of fish is called a school; a group of wolves is called a pack. 3. a. A scale measures weight; a yardstick measures length. 4. d. Watermelon is a kind of fruit; Dalmatian is a kind of canine. 5. e. A foot propels a skateboard; a pedal propels a bicycle