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Various Cases of Two Circles
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One of the most important topics in the chapter Circles, here we discuss various cases which are possible along with the multiple examples in order to enhance clarity.

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sir please dono vidhiyon me antar se samjhaye
Kuldeep shekhawat
6 months ago
Please aap agla vdo ache se dekhe use dono ko smjhaya gaya h
Ak sharma
6 months ago
thank you sir...
answer is 5 because two circles touchhes externally or internally so two cases are possible.
Answer is : 5. For two circles to touch each other: C1C2 = r1+r2 (externally) and C1C2= r1-r2 (internally).
Sachin Rana
a year ago
Correct. Good.
Sachin Rana
a year ago
Yes, it's correct.
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