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Use of RFLP for Genotype Testing and CAPS technique (in Hindi)
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This lesson covers the explanation of USE OF RFLP TECHNIQUE in Genotype testing, Identifying genetic disorders and also discussed in this lesson about the extension of RFLP technique which is CAPS, where PCR technique is also used along with restriction enzymes.

Monica Sharma
GATE cleared(92.41 percentile),MSc Biotechnology, MBA, PGDM(Regulatory affairs),worked as Research Scientist,YouTuber-MS BioAcademy

Unacademy user
thank you so much sir. .really helpful .God bless you
mam, i am student of biotech final year of nit durgapur . i started prtn for gate 2109.plz post biochemistry and bioprocess lecture
Monica Sharma
10 months ago
Hi Ravikant, it's good to hear that you have already started preparing... will definitely post videos on these topics very soon. Meanwhile you can go through other biotechnology based topics on my profile, which will be helpful for you in your GATE preparation. And don't forget to Rate, Review, Caps and Share. Thanks and Happy Learning!!
Ravikant Kumar
10 months ago
thanks mam for your response.
  1. RFLP Speaker: Monica Sharma

  2. Follow me: I have done MSc in Biotechnology Stood 1st topper of college 3rd topper of Rajasthan university Cleared GATE Exam in first attempt . PGDM in Regulatory Affairs MBA in Healthcare Management . 4 Years of work exp as Research Scientist in Reliance Life Sciences pvt ltd

  3. You and me are 99.9% same genetically . Only 0.1% different But if we look at bases that 0.1% is huge This variation is called SNPs . SNP differentiate you from others

  4. RFLP Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism Technique that exploits variations in homologous DNA sequences SNPs Principle: Genetic differences between individuals can create or abolish R.E restriction sites and these differences can be detected in the resulting DNA fragment length after digestion

  5. Use of RFLP analysis . Genome mapping Localization of genes for genetic disorders . Determination of risk for disease Paternity testing Genotype testing Forensic science: to identify suspects based on evidence samples collected at scenes of crimes

  6. abelfed Ashcan Wast enomc Proba Blattin

  7. Method Extracting the DNA Fragmenting with R.E Load in Agarose gel electrophoresis Observing the fragments

  8. Demerits slow and cumbersome technique large amount of sample DNA Time consuming


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