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Units and Dimensions: Building of Concepts Part 6
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Units and Dimensions theory 6 for the building of concepts and problem solving in various entrance exams

Nikhil Mishra
Nikhil Mishra is an engineer and has been a Faculty of Physics in some of the most premier institutes of the country and has been involved

Unacademy user
sir resistance ka unit pehle aapne kohm me liye then aapne bass ohm me liye (20 ohm)
Sir plzz I request you to complete whole syllabus of physics plzz sir it will be a great help for is plzz sir u can cover these topics till end of April as neet is in May plzz sir help us we r financially weak and we can't afford Coaching so plzz sir cover all the topics
Nikhil Mishra
2 years ago
Yes.. for sure we will be covering it... I will uploading my next video on the plan of how it will get covered and sequential division of syllabus in the lectures
Aatrey Sinha
2 years ago
thank you Nikhil Sir if I get selected I'll surely meet you....u are a saviour for me sir ..the way you explain is far better than any coaching I'll be ever grateful to you..Thank you once again sir

  2. Limitations of Dimensional Analysis Dimensional analysis has no information on dimensionless constants. lf a quantity is dependent on trigonometric or exponential functions, this method cannot be used In some cases, it is difficult to guess the factors while deriving the relation connecting two or more physical quantities.

  3. This method cannot be used in an equation containing two or more variables with same dimensions. lt cannot be used if the physical quantity is dependent on more than three unknown variables. This method cannot be used if the physical quantity contains more than one term, say sum or difference of two terms

  4. Even if a formula is dimensionally correct, it may still be incorrect. This method does not inform about the nature of the derived physical quantity, i.e., whether it is scalar or vector.