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Unit Digit (in Hindi)
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Unit digit basic

Vikas Gupta
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  2. Unit's Digit: A number is made up from digits in the numeral system is called Unit's Digit. We often use the decimal system in which we use 10 digits, In writing the any number, many digits are used, even repetation of digits. when we write any number using the digits, the last digit ( from right side ) in that number is called unit digit For example ;in the number 48750, here" 0 " is called unit number 35678 here"5 " is called unit

  3. "Unity" means one, so the units digit is the digit in the one's column. Example: The unit digit in 62 is 2.The 6 is the tens digit. In the number 5304, the unit digit is 4, the tens digit is 0, the hundreds digit is 3 and the thousands digit is 9.

  4. Question: find out the unit digit in 268 X 453? Solution: Now to solve this question, you are going to pick up the only last digits and in this case 8% 3 which means 8x3 2 4 -- Unit digit So the unit digit in the product 268 4531s4. Question :What is the unit digit in the product 753 X 43 X 1236 X 864? Solution let us pick u the unit digits and multiply them 3 in 753 3 in 43 6 in 1236 4 in 864 s (concern only about unit digit in the product) So the unit digit in the product 753x 43x 1236 x 864 is, 6,

  5. To find the number in the unit place of N^n, where N & n- positive numbers "N" is called base 'n' is called index of power * Base number "N" can has any of the following digit in the unit's place [0, 1, 2,3,4, 5,6, 7,8, <9

  6. Case-I: When 0,1,5, 6 are the digits in the unit's place of the base number N, then the number in the unit's place of N'n will also be 0, 1, 5 & 6 respectively, whatever be the value of"n" ( 5^n)= 5

  7. Example: Find the unit digit of following numbers: Question .185563 Answer-3 Question .271697 Answer- 1 Question .15625369 Answer 6 Question . 190654789321 Answer 0

  8. Case-II When 4 (or) 9 are in the unit's place of N, then (4)1 4 (4)2 16 (4)3 64 (4)4256 (4)5 1024 (4)6 4096 From the above figures we observe that.. 4n when"n " is odd number [i.e. 1, 3, 5, 7 etc.], it contains "4 " in the unit's place 4nwhen"n" even number [i.e. 2,4,6, 8 etc.], it contains "4 " in the unit's place