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Understanding Function, Domain and Restricted Domain Using Graph (in Hindi)
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In this lesson we will learn what is function , domain and restricted domain by using graphs.

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Ashish Bajpai
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Sir from where we prepare prose and poetry stanza
Sanjeev Mishra
9 months ago
Prose and poetry develop a habit of continuous reading and source you can prefer either para from English newspaper
sir one more question different from the topic. Is this possible for a function that value of limit might equal to value of function. please make your reply sir. 🤔🤔🤔
Ashish Bajpai
2 months ago
Yes , u can check course on limit , your all queries will be resolved
sir one another question fr om the topic, is this possible for a function that value of limit
is all your functions course are enough?will it help me to understand all chapters
Ashish Bajpai
4 months ago
I have given 100 percent and made 6 courses on function
Ashish Bajpai
4 months ago
Check these courses and I hope you will learn a lot.
Paarijat suman
4 months ago
thank you very much sir
sir restricted domain (10,12) kyu nhi hua??..exactly 12 and 10 me toh ek point me vertical line pass ho rha hai
Ashish Bajpai
4 months ago
You can take , it's not a problem , we should not fail vertical line test that is , in this there is nothing like wrong or correct answer , you just decide x values where function is defined
sir to study full syllabus of jee maths, which sequence of chapters should we follow....
  1. Course : Playing with Graphs OBJECTIVE Understanding Terminologies Related To Graphs. Algebraic Graphs Trigonometric Graphs Inverse Trigonometric Graphs All Other Graphs Transformation of Graphs Application of Graphs

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  3. Restnicred Domain Using ap Outpud ACx) ompu wnewn aa Ran Cl3) Corl) (-VI) 3

  4. Function : a vela.hon beho een a s et 4 inputs set ontputs ufth property +har each (nputo relaed to exactmept 2 Jine test more than 4 outpu+for- sincle in Domaunstha independent vriables

  5. 3 3 are not dleined r cll Restnired Demaun ome eal nmbers and thus are esaluared at resticted dom ain ne- o 12