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Trigonometry Introduction for IIT JEE Main and Advanced (in Hindi)
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Trigonometry basics for IIT JEE main and advance - Lesson 1

Manoj Chauhan is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Manoj Chauhan
Maths faculty for IIT JEE (Main and Advance), Maths Specialist for Calculus, Ex Senior faculty Vibrant Academy,Top notch online faculty

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  1. Trigonometry 1 Lecture INTRODUCTION The word 'Trigonometry' is derived from the Greek words 'trigon' and 'metron' and it means 'measuring the sides of a triangle'

  2. Trigonometry b ADJACENT 1.ZA, 2. B and ZC are the three angles of triangle. a, b and c are BC, AC and AB respectively. the length of sides

  3. Trigonometry ANGLES Terminal Side Vertex Initial side

  4. Trigonometry SENSE OF AN ANGLE The sense of an angle is determined by the direction of rotation of the initial side into the terminal side. Vertex Initial side Vertex Initial side (i)Positive angle g 3.1 (ii) Negative angle

  5. Trigonometry SOME USEFUL TERMS 1. QUADRANTS y-ars 10 10 10 (0,0) origin IV -10

  6. Trigonometry 2. ANGLE IN STANDARD POSITION 90 45 180 36 360 all around) 270

  7. Trigonometry 3. ANLGE IN QUADRANT .

  8. Trigonometry 4. QUADRANT ANGLE Angles in the standard position where the terminal side lies on the x or y axis. For example: 90 , 180 etc.

  9. Trigonometry 5. CO-TERMINAL ANGLES Coterminal angles: are angles in standard position (angles with the initial side on the positive x-axis) that have a common terminal side. For example, the angles 30 -330 and 390 are all coterminal (see figure 90 Terminal Side 180 30 39 0 Initial Side x 270

  10. Trigonometry Example: Here 550, 415 , -305 are co-terminal 90" 305 415 55 Initial Side 180 0 Initial Side * 270