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Trigonometric Limits , Derivation and Questions (in Hindi)
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Deriving trigonometric limits, questions based upon them, approach of sin(X) /X X tends to zero

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Manoj Chauhan
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B = water vapour C A B= maize plz check
sir , last wala question me Khi v agar tan x ke jgh sin x rahta too wo no. Ko left se approach karta aur gratest integer function 1 km hoo jata ky ?
  1. EvaJuaHon of trigonomefvic Aimits f: consider a circle of adius of centre of the circle such hLA0where o is measured in radians and it value is very mall. suhhose he tangent at A mee oB pro duced at P. from frs We have Area of ABL Area of sector o AB < Area of 0AP Proo Y bet. .be the

  2. 2- +heoremm

  3. 0- tan m sino K.