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Introduction to Volume 2 of Limit (in Hindi)
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Introductory video of limits volume 2, contents of the course

Manoj Chauhan is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Manoj Chauhan
Maths faculty for IIT JEE (Main and Advance), Maths Specialist for Calculus, Ex Senior faculty Vibrant Academy,Top notch online faculty

Unacademy user
sir where's limit volume 3...
what is the difference between ur etoos lectures and this unacademy lectures content wise???
Manoj Chauhan
a year ago
This is better, more relevant to IIT JEE 2018( latest)
Shodhan shetty
a year ago
But the duration of lectures there were more , is that implies u took many illustrations there than here ???
sir is there more videos to go for limits or it is enough??
Sir in which order to watch your calculus chapters
sir Where's limit volume 1
  1. Limit (Volume 2) By MANOJ CHAUHAN (IIT-D) Ex Sr Faculty Bansal Classes Ex Sr Faculty Etoos Acdemy Ex Sr Faculty Vibrant Academy Success MANTRA KEEP THINKING! PROBLEMS only) pproa Mathematics estA

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  3. Student learn by Completing/Writing notes, revising before going through this section Learn by more than 1 method, keep pen paper ready Fause video TIMELY DRAWING GRAPHS, solve before I solve Following courses regulerly (finish up previous lessons)

  4. Important features of my lectures More than one approach to solve Well laid out plan Complete discussion of very important questions TOUGH ILLUSTRATIONS DONE Topic wise previous year problems solved (in later volumes) Helps you in all the ENGINEERING ENTRANCE EXAMS

  5. Testimonials After taking MC Sir's classes Maths has become my best subject. He is incomparable. My comfort level with Maths has increased since I started taking MC Si's classes." "Maths was a subject, which gave me nightmares. But since I started taking MC Sir's lectures, I have become subject." comfortable with the "IP anuone wants to leam Maths in a smart and way, they should leam it from MC Si. "MC Sir teaches with such apt examples, which make me understand any difficult concept with ease."

  6. Contents of this volume Sandwich theoram Trigonometric limits Expansion of functions (series) Exponential and logarithmic limits