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Tricky Way To Learn Vocabulary 1(in Hindi)
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Best tricky method for learning English vocabulary asked in previous year question papers such as SSC banking CAT CAT MAT Air Force AFCAT NDA CDS Etc

Ajay Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ajay Sharma
Cleared SBI & SSC. 5 Years of teaching experience. 3 Times Best Teacher Award from Dainik Bhaskar. Expert English Faculty Director at Accent

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is this course helpful for fci and cwc exams?? 😊😊😊
sir . awesome 3000 times
helpful videos ..thank you sir.. please add more videos..
Ajay Sharma
2 months ago
Ajay Sharma
2 months ago
good method to remember you are too good sir
Ajay Sharma
4 months ago
very nice sir continue it
how to download PDF of this type of lecture
Ajay Sharma
4 months ago
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Ajay Sharma
4 months ago
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  1. About me: Hello I am Ajay Sharma-Students call me Ajay An Amazing Angreji Adhyapak. I love teaching. You Can follow me for English Grammar, Vocabulary for SSC, BANKING, CLAT, MAT, AFCAT etc. Follow me: TOPIC: Mnemonic Vocabulary Titbit 1 1

  2. Word Meaning Trick TUMBLE fHT, fall suddenly, clumsily, or headlong. Syn: plummet, plunge, fall 2

  3. Word Meaning Trick and noisy disorder Syn: bedlam, uproar, confusion, chaos, disorder, Boisterous

  4. Word Meaning Trick Raunchy a afeT, grubby, GT Dirty dirty, lewd, salacious, obscene 4

  5. Word Meaning Trick CHARLATAN aperson falsely claimingt at-uta have a special knowledge or skill Syn: cheater, cheat, fraud, Quack, hoax

  6. Word Meaning Trick Exigency- Emergency Exigency Emergency Syn: necessity: indigence, extremity, neediness, urgency

  7. Word Meaning Trick Vie FTE, competition, competition Compete eagerly with someone Syn: Competition, Race, contest 7

  8. Word Meaning Trick MANKY TZTft, inferior, worthless. Syn: Dirty and unpleasant, worthless, Grubby

  9. Word Meaning Trick PAROCHIAL T, having a limitedt or narrow outlook Syn: narrow-minded, small-minded, provincial, conservative,