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Tricks to Remember Indian River Tributaries and Important Bits from previous papers
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Tricks to Remember Tributaries of Indian Rivers

Sandeep Kankanala
I love teaching General Knowledge with Mnemonic Tricks.Appeared IBPS ,RRB NTPC Mains .Educator at YouTube With 150K subscribers ,60lakh view

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hi sir your classes are very good don't bother about negative comments
largest tributary YAMUNA is for India or world sir
largest tributary YAMUNA in India or world sir
improper teaching u said 3 tributoris of Brahmaputra dihang Teeste manas
bro it's not possible everything to cover in Tricks please try to understand
had been better if the lessons were arranged in order.
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  3. Tributaries of Brahamputra . Manas .Lohith . Dikhow . Dibang Jia Bhoreli

  4. Tributaries - New word Manas - Man .Lohith - Lohith Dikhow . Dibang Jia Bhoreli a (Dekh ) see - Dabang - Bore

  5. Important Bits on Rivers

  6. 15 . Largest inland saltwater lake-Sambhar lake .Rajasthan .16.Largest saline water lake.Lagoon - Chilka, Odisha 17.Country Known as land of Thousand Lakes -Finland 18.Touches Equator Twice - Congo River 19.Brahmaputra - Red River 20 Ya muna Lake - Kalinga . 21.Longest River Does not Fall in sea - Yamuna

  7. . 22. River Island formed by river Brahmaputra - Majuly . 23.Longest River in the world - Nile . 24.Longest Tributary - Yamuna . 25.Longest River in india - Ganges

  8. 100% Sure ! Question THANK YOU